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eXtreme Performance Powered By WISENET 7 Chipset. 

WISENET X Series Feature Highlights

100% Lens Distortion Correction

Wisenet 7 incorporates lens distortion correction technology to capture natural-looking images, eliminating the distortion commonly associated with traditional camera designs that utilize wide-angle lenses. As a result, the visual output is free from any artificial distortions, providing a more accurate representation of the captured scene.

Extreme WDR Performance

With Hanwha Vision's enhanced multi-frame WDR technology, you can fully leverage image contrast to achieve exceptional clarity when viewing detailed objects, even in challenging backlight situations. This advanced technology allows for clear visibility and improved image quality, ensuring optimal performance in high-contrast environments.

End-to-end Cybersecurity

Hanwha Vision's approach to cybersecurity involves the integration of distinct certificates into every product throughout its development and manufacturing stages. By adhering to this process, Hanwha Vision ensures compliance with rigorous UL CAP standards while meeting their own criteria for product reliability and innovative design. This comprehensive cybersecurity policy guarantees a secure and trustworthy product experience.

Vivid 4K Resolution

The Wisenet 7 4K camera lineup from Hanwha Vision incorporates the F1.2 varifocal lens, which maximizes the amount of light reaching the camera's sensor. This implementation results in the production of vivid, sharp, and highly detailed images, ensuring exceptional image quality in various lighting conditions. 

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