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Jacques Technologies provides cutting-edge IP audio and video intercom systems, along with advanced public address solutions, tailored for diverse transportation applications including buses, trains, roads, tunnels, airports, and maritime settings. These innovative systems prioritize commuter safety by offering flexible and comprehensive communication options. Seamlessly integrating with CCTV and access control systems, Jacques communication endpoints facilitate communication to specific individuals, groups, or the entire public, forming an integral part of a complete security solution. With durability in mind, our intercoms are designed to withstand even the harshest environments, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

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IP Technology

By leveraging the power of IP technology, devices within transport systems can seamlessly connect to any Ethernet port, offering exceptional scalability and flexibility. This IP technology backbone enables the creation of transport systems of varying sizes, whether small, large, or multi-site, accommodating the evolving needs of your transport network.

Integration with security systems such as campus CCTV, access control, and building management systems further enhances the overall security solution, prioritizing the safety of passengers and personnel. The inclusion of virtualized and high availability server options guarantees system uptime, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted operation of the communication infrastructure.



In order to ensure the reliability of communication systems in transport networks, Jacques offers a robust solution with redundant and distributor server frameworks. These frameworks effectively minimize the risk of single points of failure, providing a highly resilient and reliable system for security-driven communication.


Jacques system allows for the recording of all intercom call audio. With multiple digital channel outputs and precise time and date stamping, the system enables comprehensive digital voice logging.


Transport networks spanning across cities can benefit from the centralized control provided by Jacques. Through the integration of Wide Area Networks (WAN), sites and stations can be seamlessly connected to a central management center, facilitating efficient network-wide control and management.


Intercom endpoints are equipped with configurable relay modules, offering the flexibility to activate external equipment based on specific events or triggers. This feature allows for enhanced automation and integration with other systems within the transport network.


Jacques incorporates an advanced Public Address (PA) system that enables easy and effective communication with passengers. Whether it's safety warnings, delays, or emergency broadcasts, the system supports both live and time-scheduled announcements. With the ability to target specific zones or broadcast to all zones, the PA system provides utmost flexibility and convenience to the user.

Transport Industry Applications


Clear and audible communication is crucial in tunnels, especially during emergencies. Jacques/Harmen tunnel communication solution offers a specialized public address and help point unit system designed for tunnel environments. This proven solution ensures safety through effective communication between the central tunnel control room and individuals in the tunnel, whether in the presence of running or stationary traffic.


Jacques communication solution for the maritime industry provides comprehensive protection for vessels and personnel. Integrated IP intercom terminals, public address, and access control systems can be monitored from a central or remote location. In the event of an incident, security personnel can visually monitor the area using integrated third-party CCTV cameras and provide emergency warnings and evacuation information through the public address system. Jacques vandal and weather-resistant intercoms can be strategically positioned on docks, near loading bays, or within cranes, ensuring constant communication access to the central control.


For bus and rail networks, a reliable PA system is essential for communicating safety warnings, delays, and emergency broadcasts across multiple zones. The Jacques solution allows for pre-recorded messages, scheduled message releases, background music, and information distribution. Whether broadcasting announcements simultaneously to all stations or delivering specific messages to designated stations (zones), the clarity and consistency of communication are guaranteed regardless of distance or location. Help Points can be installed at each station and on train carriages, enabling passengers to make emergency calls or access passenger information.


Jacques transport solution ensures smooth traffic flow and safety in road infrastructure. Emergency Help Point Units (HPU) feature highly visible, vandal-resistant, and water-resistant enclosures. With one-touch operation and hands-free communication, these HPUs can be positioned roadside for easy access to assistance. Bollard intercoms located at tolling booths, integrated with CCTV and access control systems, allow drivers to contact assistance when needed. Security personnel can address drivers verbally, monitor the situation via CCTV, and grant access from a central control location, minimizing disruptions to traffic flow.


In airport applications, Jacques communication solution provides reliable communication through help points, lift intercom terminals, and public address systems. The integration of access control, building and security management, CCTV, and ticketing machines enhances passenger and staff safety. Help points strategically placed throughout airport terminals and car parks enable passengers to seek flight assistance or emergency support.

Accessibility Help Point Solution (HPU)

Intercoms and help point units are specifically designed to offer immediate assistance with just a simple button press. Our solution ensures that assistance is accessible to everyone, including individuals with diverse needs.

Key features of our solution include:

  • Audible beep for clear guidance and signaling
  • Induction loop amplification compatible with T-switches for individuals with hearing impairments
  • Braille embossing on the front panel for tactile information and navigation
  • Instant access to emergency assistance with a single button press

Built For Tunnels

The Jacques/Harman tunnel solution combines specialized Axys Tunnel speakers, advanced Jacques and Harman software and hardware components, and the expertise of our skilled audio engineers to deliver a premium PA and help point unit solution specifically designed for tunnel environments. With a focus on quality audio and seamless integration, our tunnel solution ensures reliable and effective communication throughout the tunnel infrastructure.

Transport Integration Opportunities

Jacques IP Communication understands the importance of offering comprehensive security solutions, and a key aspect of this is our IP Communication Systems' capability to seamlessly integrate with numerous third-party systems. Through High-Level Interface (HLI), Jacques can easily connect with building and security management systems, CCTV, access control, and digital telephony systems, enabling a cohesive and efficient communication ecosystem.

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Project References

Air Services Australia, various sites

Brisbane Busways

Broome Port Authority

BRT Sunway Bus Rapid Transit, (MY)

Butler Train Station

Canberra Airport

Christchurch Airport

CSIRO Investigator Research Vessel

Darwin Airport

Darwin Port

Flinders Port

Freemantle Ports

Gladstone Ports

Gold Coast Airport

Goodwill Bridge

Hamilton Railway Station

Hillside Rail

Hobart Airport

Johor Bahru Port Authority (MY)

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (MY)

Kuala Lumpur Monorail (MY)

Kurilpa Bridge

Mackay Port

Melbourne Airport

New South Wales Rail

North Quay Rail Terminal

Northport (MY)

ORICA Port Headland

Parramatta Tunnel

Perth Airport Car Park

Perth Rail

Port of Melbourne

Port of Portland

Prasaran Subang Depot (MY)

QAL Wharf

Queen St Busway

Sydney Trains

T1 Sydney Airport

Tasmania Ports

Tasmania Rail Yard

Toowong Bus Depot

Webb Dock

Wellington Airport Tunnel (NZ)

Wollongong Railway Station

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