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Reliable Healthcare Communications

The Jacques Care solution provides comprehensive communication for hospitals and care facilities, encompassing audio and video intercoms, public address announcements, CCTV monitoring, and access control. This integrated system ensures safety and security within healthcare environments. With advanced configuration options and call routing capabilities, the healthcare communication system facilitates seamless communication between various areas, such as carpark help points and security control, in-theatre intercoms with outside theatres, and ward entrance video calling with access control to nurses stations.

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IP Technology

By leveraging true IP technology, the Care communication system enables seamless connectivity of devices to any ethernet port, making it a plug-and-play solution. The robust IP technology infrastructure allows for the scalability and flexibility required to adapt to the changing needs of healthcare precincts, whether small, large, or multi-site.

The healthcare communication system offers seamless integration with CCTV, access control, and building management security systems through high-level integration. This comprehensive integration ensures that Jacques Healthcare solution becomes an integral part of a complete security package, enhancing overall safety and security within healthcare facilities.



Real-time video streams from external IP CCTV cameras can be easily accessed and viewed at our Video Monitor Station or PC Master Station, providing a comprehensive audio and visual understanding of a caller's surroundings.


Jacques systems seamlessly integrate with SIP devices and IP telephony systems, including popular brands like Avaya and CISCO. Through SIP trunking, our system can integrate with your existing hospital communication infrastructure, enabling you to make and receive intercom and public address calls directly from your digital telephone system.


Our redundant system architecture ensures uninterrupted and reliable communication. With our redundancy solution, the risk of system failure is dramatically reduced, making it particularly suitable for critical communication environments like hospitals.

Announcement Scheduling


Enhance security in parks and public spaces with integrated audio and visual monitoring solutions. Jacques provides a comprehensive solution with help and emergency call points, access intercom terminals, and public address systems that seamlessly integrate with CCTV and access control systems.


Improve safety and accessibility in car parks with Jacques car park solution. Our help point units, public address systems, and intercom stations are strategically installed in ticketing machines, boom gate bollards, and throughout car parks, ensuring quick and easy access to help and assistance.


Ensure effective communication in shopping centers and malls with Jacques public address, access intercom, and help point units. Our help points enable customers in car parks to make one-touch calls to security, while access intercom terminals at loading docks facilitate smooth delivery and collection communication. The public address system allows for clear communication with the masses during emergencies or when providing public service announcements.

Jacques Technologies Product Line-Up



The Jacques Clean Room Intercom is purpose-built for hospital theaters, prioritizing hygiene and infection control. This intercom is equipped with an antimicrobial and chemical-resistant surface membrane, making it easy to clean and reducing the risk of infection transmission. The outer membrane actively inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, ensuring a safer and cleaner environment. 


Box Hill Hospital

Cairns Base Hospital

Canberra Women's & Children's Hospitals

Fiona Stanley Hospital

Frankston Hospital

Hornsby Hospital

Liverpool Hospital

Long Bay Forensic & Prison Hospital

Minda Complex

Tamahere Hospital

Victoria Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Mitchelton Ambulance Base

Monash Health

Narrabri Hospital

Narre Warren Hosptiral

National Heart Centre, Singapore

Port Macquarie Hospital

Royal Adelaide Hospital

Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital

Royal Children's Hospital Victoria

Royal Price Alfred Hospital

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

St John of God Hospital

Sutherland Hospital

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