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Genetec Stratocast

True Cloud-based Video Management System

Video surveillance as a service, Minimal Hardware. More Security.

Non proprietary and truly open platform with support for virtually an IP CCTV Camera. Stratocast has the capability to grow with your organization without limitations.

Genetec Stratocast revolutionizes cloud-based video management system. It gives you the flexibility to choose the cameras that best meet your needs and offers enterprise-grade multi-site monitoring capabilities. And by recording directly to the cloud with no need for on-site servers or appliances, it lets you keep an eye on your sites no matter where you are.

"MTSS Group, Your Genetec Partner"

Managing Hardware is so 2001.

Stratocast Allows You To Record, Store And Manage IP CCTV directly in the cloud.

Strenghen your security with affordable cloud-based CCTV Monitoring

Genetec Stratocast simplifies video monitoring through the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the cloud. Whether to view live and recorded video from a single site, or to monitor multiple locations, Stratocast deploys quickly and helps you control your costs

Simplified Monitoring

Don't waste valuable time navigating complex interfaces. Stratocast is user-friendly and self intuitive, We made sure we developed this solution to make your video monitoring experience easier.

Take control of your VMS Costs.

IP Surveillance hardware is expensive and a full-time job to maintain. Minimize your footprint by opting for Genetec Stratocast, Your video and IP camera is directly manageable in the cloud.

Dynamic Storage. Don't get caught out again.

Running out of storage capacity is a problem best kept in 2001. Stratocast enables the freedom to adjust storage duration, resolution, and camera count without replacing hardware, you only pay for what you need.

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