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Genetec Omnicast

Change The Way You Do Video Monitoring

Does it feel like your aging CCTV or video management system (VMS) is holding you back? Adding new cameras, streaming higher-resolution video and expanding to new sites puts a strain on IT infrastructure. Emerging cybersecurity threats and growing privacy requirements also make your legacy system a dangerous liability.

Security Center Omnicast is an IP-based VMS that lets you work smarter with video. With a clear picture of events, you respond quicker and make informed decisions. Its flexible architecture and efficient streaming reduces storage and lightens network load. And, it easily scales up, uses the latest cameras and analytics, and unlocks operational insights. Omnicast is part of our Genetec™ Security Center platform, making it easy to unify video with access control, intrusion, comms and more.

Versatile IP Video Management and Monitoring Platform. Forever Expandable


Envision And Grasp Your Surroundings Like Ever Before.

With Omnicast, you seamlessly control all video operations and rapidly respond to emerging situations with a single, modular platform. The intuitive user interface provides access to rich information while minimizing complexity for the operator. 

Why Security Center Omnicast?

Built to handle cloud

Omnicast offers hybrid recording, seamlessly combining on-premise and cloud storage. Federate Stratocast-connected cameras, our cloud-based VMS to monitor remote locations.

Designed on a unified platform

Unify the rest of your security systems with video surveillance and achieve a global view of security. Tap into our unified security portfolio, or go beyond with our expansive ecosystem. 

Accepts any hardware or IP Camera

You benefit from a constantly evolving ecosystem of technologies. Choose from thousands of sensors, devices, and indoor, outdoor, or body-worn cameras to address your needs.

Highest availability. Ever.

Never lose access to live and recorded video with 99.9% archiver uptime. No matter what happens, Omnicast has your back, and your video. It safeguards your data and maintains a full chain of custody.  

The Final Solution To Secure The Everyday - Omnicast

Keeping people and assets safe is a complex task. Video management is only part of the solution. Your team is always thinking about the bigger picture. Omnicast is a part of our portfolio of unified security solutions that provides a scalable foundation. It lets you connect your security and operations data in a single interface, and achieve your long-term vision. 

Remember When You Think VMS, Think Omnicast.

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