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Genetec AutoVu

AutoVu - High Performance ALPR With Insights at the granular level.

Genetec Security Center powered with AutoVu (Automatic License Plate Recognition) offers the industries highest-accuracy for license plate detection by using Genetec's own SharpV ALPR Camera which ensures maximum accuracy and dependability.

AutoVu alerts you of wanted or unpermitted vehicles even when you're not searching for them. Create Alarms and Events and customised actions for parking management, infringements and more

Unlock the endless possibilities with AutoVu

Whether you oversee parking management, critical facilities security or the safety of citizens, AutoVu can help your team achieve more. It captures more license plates to ensure no vehicles of interest slip by. And when action is needed, it empowers operators through intuitive software, so they can focus on their task, not reviewing reads.


Yes, It Is That Easy.

AutoVu enables advanced video analytics, Yes it is that easy. Search for vehicle licence plates, Estimated travel speed, classify vehicle types, detect colour and more.

AutoVu Is One Component Of Your Unified Genetec Security Center Experience.

Why Genetec AutoVu?

Future Proofed

AutoVu ALPR devices leverage the latest machine learning technology to continuously deliver new value, so you can be confident your investment will stand the test of time. 

Completely Unified

Speed up investigations by combining ALPR reads with video surveillance footage, or use ALPR to manage access to sensitive facilities. AutoVu works with the rest of your system. 

Purpose Built

The value of ALPR is directly related to its performance. That's why we offer fixed and mobile devices designed specifically for license plate detection and recognition. 

Field Proven

AutoVu has been used by parking management organizations, law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructure facilities for over two decades.

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