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What Is Infiniti Class 5 By Inner Range?

The Infiniti Class 5 system is a comprehensive suite of products designed to meet the rigorous standards of the AS/NZS 2201.1:2007 Class 5 standard. It encompasses various components such as Controllers, Input Expansion Modules, End of Line Modules, Keypads, Card Readers, Power Supplies, Equipment Enclosures, Alarm Transmission devices, and equipment power isolation kits.

This modular system allows for easy expansion and features a hybrid architecture, accommodating both high-security Class 5 zones and lower-security areas within the same facility. By allocating budget resources specifically for Class 5 zones, organizations can achieve a unified and cost-effective security solution for their entire operation.

Expansion of the Infiniti Class 5 system involves adding encrypted modules to the Class 5 Controller's RS-485 LAN or incorporating additional Controllers. The Infiniti Enterprise software provides centralized management for the entire platform, including multiple Controllers, simplifying administration and control.

Encrypted Communications

The Infiniti Class 5 system offers a modular design that facilitates seamless scalability by adding RS-485 LAN modules. All communications within the system, including the Controller, Expanders, Keypads, and SIFER Card Reader (including fob/card credentials), are encrypted with AES 128-bit encryption and MAC authentication. This ensures secure LAN communications at all times. The system also incorporates a programmable supervisory polling system that constantly monitors the LAN for cable tampering, cable faults, module offline status, and module substitution.

The data format used in Infiniti Class 5 has been optimized to ensure fast, secure, and reliable communications, regardless of the system's size. This efficient data format enables efficient data transfer without compromising security.

To enhance security further, the system features High Security End of Line Modules (ELMs) that are installed within or near detection devices like PIR or Reed sensor switches. Working in conjunction with the Infiniti Class 5 encrypted expander, the ELMs establish an encrypted data communications link between the detector and the control equipment. The system's supervisory polling system continuously monitors the ELMs to detect any communication failures, device substitutions, or tampering incidents.

Overall, the Infiniti Class 5 system provides robust encryption, efficient data transfer, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities to ensure secure and reliable communications within the system while maintaining the highest level of security.

Integrated High Security Access Control

Alongside its high-security alarm system, the Infiniti Class 5 platform offers a comprehensive integrated access control solution. At the core of this platform is the Infiniti Access Controller (IAC), an enterprise-level IP-based Access Controller that supports up to two doors and four readers onboard.*

To ensure compliance with AS/NZS 2201.1:2007 Class 5 standards, the IAC is compatible with Inner Range SIFER Card Readers. These readers employ AES 128-bit encryption from the card through to the door module, providing a significantly higher level of security compared to traditional Wiegand-based card readers. SIFER readers utilize the MIFARE® DESFire® EV1/EV2 card format, offering advanced security features.

By leveraging the Infiniti Class 5 platform, organizations can benefit from a seamlessly integrated access control system that complements the high-security alarm capabilities. The IAC, along with SIFER Card Readers, ensures robust access control measures while meeting stringent security requirements.

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