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WISENET WAVE Optimized VMS Appliances

Wisenet Wave VMS (Video Management System) appliances are hardware devices designed to run the Wisenet Wave video management software. Wisenet Wave is a powerful and scalable VMS solution developed by Hanwha Techwin, a global leader in video surveillance technology.

The Wisenet Wave VMS appliances are purpose-built servers that come preloaded with the Wisenet Wave software. They are designed to provide a turnkey solution for video surveillance deployments, offering a simplified setup process and optimized performance. These appliances are typically used in environments where a dedicated physical server is preferred over a software-only solution.


Why Should I Buy a Wisenet Wave VMS Appliance over a PC?

Choosing Wisenet Wave VMS appliances over a PC for your video surveillance system can offer several advantages:

  1. Purpose-Built Hardware: Wisenet Wave VMS appliances are specifically designed and optimized for running video management software. They are built with hardware components that are selected and tested for their compatibility and performance with the Wisenet Wave software. This ensures a reliable and efficient operation of the VMS, as the hardware is tailored to handle the specific demands of video processing, recording, and playback.

  2. Simplified Setup: Wisenet Wave VMS appliances come preloaded with the software, offering a plug-and-play solution. This simplifies the initial setup process, as you don't have to install and configure the VMS software on a separate PC. It reduces the technical expertise required for deployment and saves time.

  3. Dedicated System: By using a Wisenet Wave VMS appliance, you have a dedicated system solely focused on video surveillance. This allows for better resource allocation and eliminates potential conflicts with other applications or processes running on a shared PC. It ensures that the video surveillance system operates independently and is not impacted by other tasks performed on a PC.

  4. Performance and Reliability: Wisenet Wave VMS appliances are built with high-performance hardware components, such as powerful processors, ample RAM, and optimized storage options. This results in superior performance, ensuring smooth video processing, recording, and playback. Additionally, the dedicated hardware reduces the risk of system instability or crashes that could occur on a shared PC.

  5. Scalability and Expandability: Wisenet Wave VMS appliances offer scalability and expandability options. As your surveillance needs grow, you can easily add more Wisenet Wave VMS appliances to the network, accommodating additional cameras and users. This scalability ensures that your video surveillance system can evolve and adapt to changing requirements without limitations imposed by PC hardware.

  6. Centralized Management: Wisenet Wave VMS appliances provide a centralized management platform for your video surveillance system. With a dedicated appliance, you can access a unified interface to monitor and control multiple cameras and devices. This centralized management simplifies the operation and enhances situational awareness, allowing for efficient and effective management of your security operations.

  7. Manufacturer Support: Wisenet Wave VMS appliances are developed and supported by Hanwha Techwin, a reputable leader in video surveillance technology. By purchasing a Wisenet Wave VMS appliance, you gain access to their expertise and technical support, ensuring prompt assistance and timely updates for your system.

While PCs can be used for running video management software, choosing a Wisenet Wave VMS appliance offers dedicated hardware, optimized performance, simplified setup, scalability, and manufacturer support. These advantages make it a compelling option for users seeking a reliable, efficient, and scalable solution for their video surveillance needs.

Does MTSS Offer Support for Wisenet Wave VMS Appliances?

Yes Definitely! MTSS Group will setup and support you 100% throughout your Wisenet Wave implementation when purchased through us.

Do You Ship Wisenet Wave VMS Appliances Worldwide?

Yes Correct! We support all regions worldwide. Contact Us to let us know your region and we'll procure your Wisenet Wave Solution.


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