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Intelligent Smart Gate and Turnstile Solutions | Design, Integration & Installation

What Are Smart Gates and Turnstiles?

Smart gates, also known as intelligent gates or automated turnstiles, are advanced access control systems used to manage the flow of people through entrances and exits in various settings. These gates are equipped with modern technologies that enhance security, efficiency, and convenience.

MTSS Group provide design, installation and integration on a wide range of smart gate technologies and products. Our solutions are tested and proven for high duty-cycle operations.

Supply, Installation and Customization for your Smart Gate Solution.

Smart Gate Supply

MTSS sources and supplies a wide range of automatic smart gate systems from reliable manufacturers. We carefully select high-quality products that meet safety standards and offer excellent performance.

Professional Installation

MTSS employs a team of skilled technicians with expertise in smart gate installations. We ensure precise and efficient installation, considering factors like traffic volume, location and customer requirements. Professional installation guarantees the optimal functioning and longevity of your smart gate.

Customization of Existing Sliding Doors

Smart gates come in various designs and configurations, allowing them to fit seamlessly into different architectural styles and environments for Airports, Enterprise and Government sector.

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Variety of Smart Gates and Turnstiles For All Environments

Smart Swing Gates

Smart swing gates, also known as intelligent swing gates, are a type of automated gate system designed to control access to entrances and exits in a smart and efficient manner. These gates operate on a swinging mechanism, opening and closing like a door to allow or restrict the passage of individuals

Smart Turnstiles

Smart or Intelligent Turnstiles operate with a spinning mechanism to regualte the flow of traffic, Like conventional turnstiles smart turnstiles feature anti-tailgating and alerting features to increase security.

Outdoor Turnstiles

Designed for harsh industrial environments, Outdoor turnstiles are full framed units used to regulate flow of traffic by spinning a full framed bar structure which are calibrated to allow a single person entry. Outdoor turnstiles are ideal for manufacturing facilities were access control is required for hundreds of employees.

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IntelliGate Product Line

Smart Gate and Turnstiles for all applications

Outdoor Full Height Turnstile
Three Roller Turnstile
Speed Gates
Intelligent Smart Swing Gates
Full Height Swing Gates
Bike Allowance Swing Gate

Take Your Access Solution 

To The Next Level.

MTSS Group can integrate the following solutions into your Smart Gate or Turnstile Solutions:

✔ Card/ PIN Code Access Control

✔ Facial Recognition Access Control

✔ Biometric Access Control

✔ QR Code Access Control

✔  Mobile Phone Swipe

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