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Jacques through MTSS Group provide comprehensive IP-based intercom, public address, and bell scheduling system designed specifically for primary, secondary, and multi-campus education facilities. Our system offers customizable options to cater to the unique requirements of each educational campus. With our integrated solution, school administration gains the ability to deliver live or pre-recorded announcements, warning alarms or tones, music, and efficiently schedule school bells through the PA system. Experience a tailored solution that meets the diverse communication needs of educational institutions with Jacques' advanced IP intercom and scheduling system.

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IP Technology

With the utilization of IP technology, school system devices can be effortlessly connected to any Ethernet port, offering a seamless plug-and-play experience. The robust IP technology infrastructure enables the creation of systems tailored to the size of your school, whether it's small, large, or multi-site. This flexibility ensures that your communication system can adapt and expand as your school grows and requirements evolve.

Effortlessly communicate live and clearly with the entire school or specific areas with just a press of a button. The flexible PA zoning feature allows for the grouping of zones, ensuring that messages reach the intended recipients without causing distractions to others. Moreover, the system allows for the pre-recording of common announcements, saving time and enabling their repetitive, on-demand usage. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our IP-based communication solution for your school.



Effectively communicate warnings and evacuation instructions using fixed or mobile devices, providing a flexible response to threats or events. Tailor audio files, including dedicated songs for each event, ensuring that staff and students are well-informed about the appropriate response procedures.


Effortlessly plan and schedule bells and announcements with our intuitive calendar-based software. Whether setting up simple bell tones or detailed announcement files, you can easily program them to play at specific times throughout the term and across the entire campus. Simplify timetabling tasks with this user-friendly scheduling solution.


Deliver live and crystal-clear communication to the entire school or specific areas at the touch of a button. Take advantage of flexible PA zoning to group selected zones, ensuring that messages reach their intended recipients without causing distractions to others. Save time by pre-recording commonly used announcements for seamless on-demand playback, enhancing efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Announcement Scheduling

Introducing QButtons, the highlight of JAS V8 software. Developed for the education market, requested by you.

  • Facilitate pre-recorded announcements, bells, tones & warning alarms across the school or campus
  • Allows for the uploading of any audio files for broadcast including songs, tones, bells
  • Flexible audio, featuring text to speech & record audio from your mobile device
  • Build timetables of announcements, bells & tones for broadcast at allocated times to select or all PA zones
  • Apply schedules to days, weeks or months according to a sites broadcast requirement
  • Management of the scheduler via a user-friendly calendar view
  • Edit schedules on the fly via mobile device
  • Trigger customisable warning, alert or evacuation tones quickly via mobile device

Integration Options


Elevate emergency messaging in schools to a new level with seamless integration of graphic screen display and audio alerts for critical situations.

Through the integration of Jacques school systems with Vivi, a powerful feature enables the triggering of messages to Vivi emergency screens when an emergency button is activated. This integration ensures a synchronized approach where visual display and audio messaging work seamlessly together during emergency scenarios. Enhance emergency response capabilities with this advanced integration between Jacques and Vivi systems, providing comprehensive communication in critical situations.

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Malek Fahd Islamic School Greenacre
Malek Fahd Islamic School Hoxton Park
Malek Fahd Islamic School Beaumont Hills
Rissalah College

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