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Jacques Smart Safe City solution enhances livability and promotes public safety. Our intelligent communication system offers information dissemination and emergency calling through Help Point Units. With multi-zoned public address capabilities, live or pre-recorded announcements, warning alarms, tones, and background music can be broadcasted effectively. Integration with CCTV and other security systems ensures a comprehensive approach to community safety. Our system is highly customizable to meet the unique requirements of any public space, fostering a smarter and safer environment for all.

IP Technology

With the power of IP technology, the smart city system from Jacques enables easy connectivity through any ethernet port, making it a plug-and-play solution. Whether it's a small, large, or multi-site system, the IP technology backbone allows for scalability and adaptability as your city or precinct evolves. The Smart City communication system seamlessly integrates with CCTV and other third-party security systems through high-level integration, providing a comprehensive security solution. As your city grows and requirements change, the Jacques Smart City solution effortlessly becomes an integral part of your overall security package. Additionally, system functionality can be easily modified by adjusting configurations or incorporating additional Jacques products to meet specific needs.



Effortlessly deliver live and crystal-clear announcements throughout a city precinct or specific areas with just a simple button press. Our flexible PA zoning enables grouping of zones for targeted communication, ensuring messages reach their intended recipients without causing disruptions in other areas. Save time by pre-recording commonly used announcements for quick and on-demand playback.


Efficiently plan and schedule announcements and tones using our intuitive calendar-based interface. Customize simple or detailed announcement files and set specific times for them to play, whether it's a one-time event or recurring schedules throughout the year. Announcement scheduling proves invaluable for public safety notifications or reminding the public of important regulations or guidelines.


Experience the power of our intelligent system architecture, which seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, allowing for comprehensive multi-site monitoring from a central location. City monitoring centers can easily visualize and audibly monitor various areas through our unified and integrated system. Gain a complete understanding of situations by simultaneously viewing associated CCTV footage and monitoring HPU audio.

Smart City Applications


Enhance security in parks and public spaces with integrated solutions that enable audio and visual monitoring. Jacques provides a comprehensive solution including help and emergency call points, access intercom terminals, and public address systems that seamlessly integrate with CCTV and access control systems.


Jacques car park solution offers a range of features including help point units, public address systems, and intercom stations strategically placed in ticketing machines, boom gate bollards, and throughout car parks. This ensures quick and easy access to assistance and support for car park users.


Create a safe and efficient shopping environment with Jacques' integrated solution for malls and shopping precincts. Help point units allow customers in car parks to easily contact security with a simple touch, while access intercom terminals facilitate smooth communication for delivery and collection purposes. Public address systems ensure effective communication with the masses during emergencies or for public service announcements.


City councils rely on Jacques' audio intercom and public address systems integrated with CCTV for visual and audio control over their regions. This enables security and emergency services to respond promptly to any issues or incidents. The combined security management, CCTV, and audio communication systems ensure effective control and management of security situations.

Jacques Technologies Product Line-Up



Adelaide Shopping Centre

BCC Community Gardens

Casey Central Shopping Centre

City Safe, Queen Street Mall

Coles Head Office

Dubai Mall

East Ledang

Frankston Aquatic Center

Goodwill Bridge

Kawana Shopping Centre

Kings Park

Kurilpa Bridge Brisbane

Liverpool Catholic Club

Melbourne Convention Centre

National Gallery of Victoria

Brisbane Riverwalk

Robelle Domain

Roma Street Parklands

Southbank Parklands

Taronga Zoo

Ipswich City Council

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