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Access Control Systems 

Access Control is electronically controlling the locking and unlocking of doors through an authentication medium without the use of keys such as:

  • Card, where a unique ID number is programmed on a small microchip inside the card
  • Key fob tag, Same as the cards but the microchip is built inside a smaller compact format 
  • Biometric Reader, Where the access control system learns and stores the user fingerprints to then control access

How Does It Work?

The unique serial number is transmitted to the brains of the system referred to as the "control panel" Which then takes the information and cross checks a database and decides whether to grant access through the specified door or not, This is all easily managed through a piece of software we train you on.

In today's world with technology becoming so easy to use you can make fast,easy and effective changes on the fly. If you are a CEO of a company who needs to restrict access to special areas of the building, Or even live at home with children and want to ensure your house is always secure and accessible without relying on keys. Access control does just that while keeping you informed.

Access control software can control things like holiday periods and time zones where you can only provide access in certain windows of time easily! Even store logging information of who goes where and when! 

Need something more? Access control systems are so versatile and can have multiple verification points as well such as biometrics alone or paired with a swipe card. For most users we recommend a card / fob system which is more beneficial and a cost effective security solution.

Different Types Of Access Control


The most common use but offers least security is utilising a keypad and pin code, However codes can be shared causing security risks.

Card Or Fobs

Card/ Fob solutions is the most common and cost effective solution, Thanks to its simplicity high security measures can be maintained


Biometric devices demand a higher budget due to the technology of reading fingerprints fast, reliably and in harsh conditions such as outdoors where rain and dust is present


Our favourite not only can we combine all 4 types but with a cloud solution we can use software or even a mobile phone app to open and lock doors anywhere worldwide!

Why Use Access Control Systems?

You dictate which employees can access certain restricted or secure areas with ease, With different types of access and permission levels                                                                                     

Power outages happen, However our access control systems are designed with an appropriate battery backup to ensure your security is always maintained

Monitor staff hours and generate logs stored in the access control system to check up on their time attendance as well as where they go around the workplace                   

MTSS provide the best branded products such as Integriti which combines your security alarm system as well as CCTV Cameras tied in with your access control system


The access control systems software is easy to use and auto backs up even if the management PC goes down the information is always stored internally and operates as per normal

Remove the need to rely on expensive keys that are hard to replace and keep track on, With access control a simple click and you can restrict, delete or issue a user access, Electronic locks withstand over 600KG+ of force your traditional locks can't do that!

Why Should You Choose MTSS For Your Next Access Control Solution?

Ask Yourself Does Your Security Provider Invest In Certification And Training Employees? Or Do They Play Guess Work With Your Money?

We only use THE best access control systems such as Integriti, Concept and Tecom. We have witnessed many businesses being burnt with cheap not capable products that have costed businesses not only their security vulnerability by breaches but also due to:

🔴 Copied access cards due to the lower security format cheaper systems use

🔴Systems setup incorrectly with insufficient battery backup causing break ins

🔴 Database crashes and no backups causing the client to start from scratch like a few Gyms we have taken over (Very Expensive)

🔴 Loss of productivity when cheaper or access control systems are setup incorrectly leaving your staff unable to gain access

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