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Object Detection Powered By WISENET AI

WISENET AI (Artificial Intelligence) Camera Highlights

Classify Target Objects With Attributes

The Wisenet P series AI cameras excel at categorizing observed objects into broad categories such as 'Person,' 'Face,' 'Vehicle,' and 'License Plate.' Furthermore, the sophisticated Wisenet AI algorithms swiftly and accurately identify various attributes of objects within the camera's field of view. For instance, when detecting a person, the camera promptly recognizes the color of their clothing and can even differentiate if they are wearing glasses or carrying a bag. These attributes are then stored as metadata alongside the recorded footage, providing valuable additional information.

Occupancy Monitoring Application

Wisenet Occupancy Monitoring Application integrates the advanced capabilities of the Wisenet P series AI camera with people counting, a cutting-edge edge-based AI video analytics technology. This powerful combination enables accurate and precise monitoring of occupancy levels in various environments.

Face Mask Detection

The attribute classification feature of Wisenet P series AI cameras enables fast and precise detection of objects, including the presence or absence of face masks. As soon as a detection is made, immediate alerts are sent out to notify relevant parties. 

Vehicle Classification

Wisenet AI vehicle classification feature in supported Wisenet cameras use artificial intelligence to accurately identify and categorize different types of vehicles. It goes beyond basic detection and provides additional details like vehicle type, color, and size. This technology improves traffic monitoring, parking management, and vehicle tracking by enabling smarter video analytics and enhancing situational awareness. It helps in making better decisions for traffic and transportation management systems.

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