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Milestone XProtect

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Why MTSS Recommends Milestone XProtect?


Always bet on the best. Milestone's XProtect has been keeping customers premises secure for over 25 Years.


No limitations on your video monitoring experience. XProtect adapts and evolves with your organization.

User Friendly.

Gain full control over all your software and hardware with a complete and intuitive overview that allows easy collaboration.

Milestone XProtect is built to be deployed for all sectors.


Data Centre







Trusted in over 500,000+ customer sites worldwide.

Join MTSS's list of over 130+ customers utilizing Milestone XProtect for their CCTV Video Management Software

Built for Cybersecurity

It is paramount sensitive data and footage is kept secure. No organizations wants to risk downtime caused by breaches which is costly. Milestone XProtect is contantly updated and feature cybersecurity protocols and advanced hardening guides to ensure your business is fortified.

  • Manage user access rights with tiered admin and user rights
  • Allows high-level encryption and password protection
  • Regular patches, hotfixes and security alerts
  • Encrypted CCTV footage recording

Streamline operations and workloads

Video monitoring on XProtect relieves pressure on your operational activities. The interface is self-intuitive and can feature detailed maps of your premises with cameras outlayed clearly for quick identification. Third-party systems such as access control (swipe card) can be integrated in the same map interface for a full fledged monitoring experience.

  • The intuitive user interface can be calibrated to your needs
  • Centralized Search accelerates finding and sharing evidence footage
  • Proactive analytics allows preventative measures

Analayze evidence with detail

XProtect provides you a detail forensic search for incidents to help quickly resolve it. The monitoring functions help you assist investigations and maintain an overhaul surveillance simultaneously without compromise

  • The Incident Manager streamlines incident reporting and logging
  • Evidence Lock ensures video can't be tampered or deleted
  • The Export Function ensures regulatory compliance for third-party sharing

Did you know Milestone XProtect supports over 13,000+ devices from over 100+ manufacturers?

Milestone XProtect FAQ

What is Milestone XProtect Video Management Software?

Milestone XProtect is one of the worlds leading video management softwares utilized in the IP CCTV Surveillance market. Milestone is used by sectors such as Commercial, Government, Enterprise and Data Centres for securing facilities and assetts

Milestone is one of the longest serving industry video management softwares developed over decades of experience and uses and integrates with over 13,000+ IP CCTV Camera and devices.

What is the difference between XProtect Corporate, Expert, Professional+, Express+ and Essential+?

Milestone XProtect is available in editions to meet your specific features and requirements, To understand clearly the differences please see the feature comparison chart below or contact MTSS Group by clicking here so we can discuss what edition suits your needs.

I already have a Milestone XProtect system can MTSS Group support it?

Yes ofcourse, As qualified Milestone Engineers and resellers we can support Milestone in any capacity from Corporate down to Essential+.

What is Milestone Federated Architecture?

Milestone Federated architecture is a feature available on Corporate and Expert (Remote Site only). It enables multiple remote independant sites running Milestone XProtect to feed back to one central hierarchy.

Federation allows the remote sites to act as an independant system and accessible by the upper hierarchy only when required.

This feature is beneficial for sites with few or hundreds of locations that need to be accessible by select users.

Why will I benefit from moving to Milestone XProtect?

Standalone NVR's have limitations in their processing power, storage options, analytics and redundancy.

Our experience once an IP CCTV system exceeds 16 Cameras these limitations start to show, You'll find NVR's have performance issues with playback of multiple cameras and sometimes the bandwidth exceeding the CPU capabilities causing the NVR to either reboot, refuse to playback footage, freeze or drop in frames per second on live and recording footage.

Milestone XProtect is installed on a Windows Operating System environment this itself allows us to leverage high-end server components from manufacturers like Intel,Dell, nVidia and AMD.

This allows us to leverage features like RAID, Failover and an open platform environment to accept IP cameras from a wide range of manufacturers.

I have cameras already can I have Milestone XProtect installed?

Yes ofcourse, Depending on your current CCTV surveillance infrastructure MTSS can supply, install and commission Milestone XProtect on your existing servers and program the existing cameras you have.

At MTSS we invest in knowledge and training, Our Techncians have acquired the highest of Milestone certifications available for your peace of mind.

Milestone Integration Engineer


Milestone Design Engineer 


Milestone Integration Engineer


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This applies to the following Milestone XProtect Products.

• XProtect® Corporate

• XProtect® Expert

• XProtect® Professional+

• XProtect® Express+

• XProtect® Essential+

The following XProtect clients are also covered:

• XProtect® Smart Client

• XProtect® Web Client

• XProtect® Mobile