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Data Centre Security

TZ Centurion Enterprise Solution By MTSS Group

What Is TZ Centurion?

TZ Centurion is a cost-effective and highly flexible solution designed to protect your organization's most valuable and sensitive assets. With TZ Centurion retrofit capability and easy implementation, it offers a hassle-free security upgrade for data racks, cabinets and closets. 

The Centurion system features open and extendable architecture, combined with patented decentralized and embedded intelligence in the locking devices, delivers unmatched capabilities in terms of asset integrity, control, auditability, and traceability. 

Each TZ Centurion Bridge can connect up to 70 locking devices and 140 sensors, allowing for comprehensive coverage. Whether managing individual bridges or scaling up to a larger system, the TZ Centurion Server software enables seamless administration of hundreds of networked locking devices, sensors, gateways, and third-party components.

The TZ Centurion Software

At the core of the TZ Centurion solution lies the Centurion Enterprise Management Software, a cutting-edge platform that serves as the central hub for integrating building access systems with micro-security control of cabinets, data racks, and access points. 

Powered by a sophisticated SQL database, this platform bridges the gap and enables seamless communication between different security components. With an open and extensible architecture, combined with patented decentralized and embedded intelligence, the Centurion Enterprise Management Software delivers unparalleled capabilities in ensuring the integrity, control, auditability, and traceability of individual assets. Traditional systems simply cannot match the level of functionality provided by this innovative solution.

TZ SMARTLocks Compatible With Centurion

Leveraging TZ's patented shape memory alloy (SMA) technology, TZ SMArtLocks deliver unparalleled performance and versatility across various applications. Unlike traditional locks that rely on electromechanical systems, TZ SMArtLocks boast low power consumption, high reliability, and no electromagnetic field (EMF) energy emissions during activation. These features are crucial for securing access to sensitive systems and equipment.

TZ SlideHandle: Designed as a drop-in replacement for legacy manual data center cabinet locks, the SlideHandle offers touch-to-release operation, multi-color LED status indicators, manual key release for emergency override, and electronic contact sensors to provide additional confirmation of the door state.

TZ PushLock: Featuring a unique "split" locking mechanism, the PushLock offers a similar level of convenience as the SlideHandle but is particularly suitable for cabinet and frame types where modifying the door or replacing existing locking and latching mechanisms is not desirable.

TZ DoorLock: As a surface mount locking device, the DoorLock incorporates LED illumination and a manual key override, making it ideal for access control of cabinets, lockers, and doors.

TZ Centurion Mobile

TZ Centurion solutions offer a diverse range of authentication methods for users seeking access to racks or cabinets. Alongside conventional systems like RFID cards, NFC, and biometric access systems commonly found in various locations, Centurion introduces a unique mobile app. This app grants authorized and authenticated users access to specific locations based on their permissions.

The Centurion mobile app prioritizes security, employing various measures to ensure safe usage. It can be configured to operate within designated areas, such as a specific floor of a building, preventing unauthorized or accidental opening of locks. Furthermore, the app can only be utilized by personnel who have already passed through other layers of security at a location. To access the app on a user's mobile device, appropriate authentication is required, and data transmission is encrypted for added protection. The Centurion Enterprise Management Software centrally manages the mobile app, including comprehensive audit logs of access for thorough monitoring and accountability.

TZ Centurion Hardware


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