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Ensuring the safety and security of the global community, Jacques IP Communication provides cutting-edge and holistic communication solutions that offer boundless potential for growth, versatility, and enhancement both presently and in the long term.

Integration Opportunities

Jacques IP Communication understands the importance of offering comprehensive security solutions, and a key aspect of this is our IP Communication Systems' capability to seamlessly integrate with numerous third-party systems. Through High-Level Interface (HLI), Jacques can easily connect with building and security management systems, CCTV, access control, and digital telephony systems, enabling a cohesive and efficient communication ecosystem.

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Jacques Technologies FAQ

Who Is Jacques Technologies?

Jacques Technologies is a leading global provider of integrated communication and security solutions. The company specializes in developing advanced IP-based communication systems that cater to various industries such as transportation, public safety, healthcare, and commercial sectors. Jacques Technologies is known for its innovative approach, delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance communication, safety, and security for organizations worldwide. With a focus on integration and adaptability, Jacques Technologies offers a range of products and services including intercom systems, emergency communication systems, video management systems, and control room solutions.

Does MTSS Group ship Jacques Technologies products worldwide?

Yes, MTSS Group ships and supports clients worldwide when Jacques Technologies products are purchased through our website.

Does MTSS Group offer installation and support?

Certainly! MTSS Group offers Jacques Technologies support and installation services on a global scale. As a trusted partner of Jacques Technologies, MTSS Group has the expertise and capability to provide comprehensive support and installation solutions for Jacques Technologies' integrated communication systems across different regions and markets worldwide. Whether it's deploying new systems or maintaining existing ones, MTSS Group ensures that Jacques Technologies' customers receive reliable and efficient installation services backed by their global reach and extensive network of qualified technicians. This global support and installation capability of MTSS Group contribute to the successful implementation and ongoing operational efficiency of Jacques Technologies' communication solutions worldwide. 

How do I know which Jacques product is right for me?

Our team at MTSS Group are trained Jacques Certified technicians, Contact us via form below or live chat so we may help you find the right Jacques product or solution.

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