HD was so 2006, Imagine 4K UHD CCTV Cameras

CCTV Camera Solutions We Design For Your Home Or Business 

CCTV Camera Systems

We at MTSS design CCTV Camera systems based on your application whether its a small home or business, one or 100+ cameras we have the know how and experience. 

We strive to achieve the best picture quality possible with our security cameras and offer the latest new technology pushing 4K Ultra HD+ resolution and integrate with other security systems such as Access Control and Security Alarms if required.

What CCTV Cameras Do You Need?

MTSS use only the BEST security cameras PERIOD, Unlike others we stick with known brands and AVOID re-branded no name cheap CCTV Camera products. The main reason is due to the harsh conditions they live in being operational for 24/7 PLUS weather exposure you will want proven brands that spend hundreds of millions in product research and development for your peace of mind, There is nothing worse than an incident occurring only to find out your cameras stop working!

We have seen it all from cheap and dodgy cabling to cheap cameras and even expensive CCTV Camera Systems not set up correctly, Our team is certified by Australian Media And Communications Authority for all cabling and to name a few CCTV Cameras we stand behind are:

  • Samsung Hanwha Techwin
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • DigiFort
  • Milestone
  • Axis...... And More!

By ensuring you make the right CCTV Camera System choice you'll avoid spending money in expensive repairs/replacements and ensure your product has the support you need for many years to come.

Different Types Of CCTV Cameras

Indoor Camera

Used for internal environments like hallways and shopping centres where weather and moisture is not present. Can be optioned with Day/Night Infrared night vision and variety of lenses in some cases

Vandal Proof Camera

The most popular option due to its rugged design and weatherproofing vandal cameras come standard in most cases with Day/Night Infrared and Electronic Lenses 

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom)

PTZ Speed domes are not only fun to use but very versatile, Can face any direction you choose fast and easy and has capabilities to zoom in on objects up to ~150 Metres+ away with full detailed imagery reading license plates etc.

Bullet Camera

Very similar to vandal dome cameras bullets offer the same options but come in "bullet" format to suit the hard to reach places. Also come with a rain hood to minimise dust and water.

Why Use CCTV Camera Systems?

Monitor 24/7 With Picture Perfect Recording Whats Going On In Your Surroundings, Home Or Business!                                                                                    

Track And Keep Records Of License Plates Of Vehicles In Your Database Or Recording 

Remote Viewing Using Your Android/iPhone Smart Phone Anywhere Worldwide!                 

Have Multiple Sites? We Can Join Multiple Systems With Hundreds Of Cameras To Be Viewed All On The One Screen Or Many! From Design To Installation!


If You're Running A Business Keep Track On Which Clients Visit Your Store And Also Track What Products Are Spiking Interests With Special Analytics Software!

Integrate Your CCTV Systems With Access Control And Security Alarm Making Tracking Of Events So Easy And Seamless

Why Should You Choose MTSS For Your Next CCTV Camera Solution?

Open Accredited  Cabling License

Ask Yourself Does Your Security Provider Invest In Certification And Training Employees? Or Do They Play Guess Work With Your Money?

We'd LOVE to help you just like we did with many of our clients, Because they chose MTSS they see now after many years why their investment paid off! and WHY we recommend only the BEST Products. 

While their CCTV System continues to function fault free they refer friends or fellow business owners for us to come and FIX or completely REPLACE their inferior CCTV systems. We admit we might not be the cheapest security company around HOWEVER your not like other business owners looking for short lived bargains that only come back around to haunt you and fail you time after time causing frustrations or when something severe happens you try to retrieve footage and it's not clear enough or worse not there! There is nothing better when I get a phone call from a client stating that thanks to the system the CRIMINAL was CAUGHT!

 It's like shopping for a new notebook or smartphone or any other electronics, Do you go and buy those $199 products? Or because your smart enough to purchase that $1499 notebook that you know will last you many years to come. There's a reason why our clients consist of:

Schools & Education Facilities

Major Warehouses and Logistic Companies

 Government Sectors & Corporations

 Even your home small or large

If I have given you a good enough reason simply fill in our form below and lets get started or simply contact us directly 

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