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WISENET T Series Feature Highlights

Thermal Surveillance

Thermal cameras possess the capability to detect individuals and vehicles from significant distances, making them suitable for long-range identification. Moreover, their exceptional ability to operate in complete darkness and penetrate certain visual barriers makes them an ideal choice for round-the-clock surveillance of areas housing critical infrastructure.

Thermal Body Temperature Detection

Ensure accurate monitoring of personnel entering a facility by tracking their body temperatures with a precision of +/- 0.9°F (+/- 0.5°C). Leveraging AI camera analytics, this system effectively minimizes false alarms by eliminating non-human entities from the monitoring process.

Multi-sensor/ Multi-directional PTRZ cameras

By incorporating remotely adjustable PTRZ camera sensors, the versatility and adaptability of multi-sensor/multi-directional cameras are significantly enhanced, enabling seamless adjustments to changing environments. This valuable feature empowers users to remotely pan, tilt, rotate, and zoom the camera sensors, providing greater flexibility in capturing the desired field of view and ensuring optimal monitoring capabilities in various scenarios.

Multi-sensor/ Panoramic Cameras

Multi-sensor/panoramic cameras, commonly utilized in stadiums, leverage four individual camera sensors to create a single stitched wide-angle field of view. This technology enables stadiums to capture a comprehensive perspective of the entire venue in a seamless and integrated manner. By eliminating blind spots and offering a more complete view, multi-sensor/panoramic cameras enhance the monitoring and security capabilities within stadiums, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the entire area.

T Series Cameras

T Series Thermal Camera In-action

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