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Inner Range Inception Design, Installation And Support By MTSS Group.

What Is Inception By Inner Range?

Inner Range Inception is a powerful and flexible integrated access control and security system designed for small to medium-sized installations. It offers a comprehensive range of features and functionalities to protect and manage access to buildings, while providing a user-friendly interface for efficient system management.

Key features of Inner Range Inception include:

  1. Access Control: Inception allows administrators to define access rules, permissions, and schedules for individuals or groups. It supports a variety of authentication methods, including PIN codes, proximity cards, and mobile credentials.

  2. Scalability: The system is scalable, making it suitable for installations of various sizes. It can accommodate up to 32 doors and 512 users, providing flexibility for growing organizations.

  3. Integration Capabilities: Inception can integrate with various security systems and devices, including CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, and biometric readers. This enables a unified security management experience, allowing operators to monitor and control multiple systems from a single interface.

  4. Alarm Monitoring: The system provides real-time alarm monitoring, allowing security personnel to receive notifications and take immediate action in response to security events or breaches.

  5. Mobile App: Inception offers a mobile app that enables users to manage their access permissions, receive push notifications, and control doors remotely from their smartphones or tablets.

  6. Event Reporting: The system generates comprehensive event logs and reports, providing insights into access events, alarm activations, and system activities. This helps with auditing, compliance, and identifying potential security issues.

  7. User-Friendly Interface: Inception features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies system configuration and management tasks. It offers a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows administrators to easily navigate and perform administrative functions.

Inner Range Inception is an ideal access control and security solution for small to medium-sized installations, offering a cost-effective and scalable option with robust features and integration capabilities. It provides organizations with the means to secure their premises, manage access effectively, and respond swiftly to security events.

Integriti's integration capabilities are a key strength, as it seamlessly integrates with various security devices and systems such as CCTV cameras, intercoms, intrusion detection systems, and third-party software applications. This allows for a unified security management experience, with the ability to monitor and control multiple security systems from a single interface.

The solution provides comprehensive reporting and auditing features, offering detailed insights into access events, alarms, and system performance. These reports help organizations assess security risks, identify patterns, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

With its user-friendly interface and scalable architecture, Inner Range Integriti is suitable for a wide range of industries, including corporate offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and critical infrastructure. It provides a robust and flexible security solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each organization, ensuring the highest level of protection for people, assets, and information.

MTSS Group Offers Inception Solutions. Design,Installation And Support

MTSS Group provides comprehensive support and training services for Inner Range Inception, ensuring that clients can effectively utilize and maximize the benefits of the system. Here's how MTSS Group supports and trains clients in using Inception: 

Installation and Configuration 

MTSS Group's experienced technicians handle the installation and configuration of the Inception system. They ensure that the system is set up correctly, including hardware installation, software configuration, and network connectivity.

On-Site Support

MTSS Group offers on-site support services to address any technical issues or system maintenance requirements. Their skilled technicians are available to troubleshoot problems, perform repairs or replacements, and ensure the smooth operation of the Inception system.

Remote Support

In addition to on-site support, MTSS Group provides remote support services. Through secure remote access, their technical team can diagnose and resolve issues efficiently, minimizing any system downtime and disruptions.

Training Programs

MTSS Group conducts training programs to educate clients on how to effectively use the Inception system. These training sessions cover various aspects, including system navigation, user management, access control configuration, event monitoring, and reporting. The training is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the client.

Ongoing Maintenance

MTSS Group offers proactive maintenance services to keep the Inception system in optimal condition. This includes regular system health checks, firmware updates, and preventive maintenance to ensure the system's reliability and longevity.

System Upgrades And Expansion

As new features or versions of Inception are released, MTSS Group assists clients in upgrading their systems. They also support clients in expanding their Inception installations to accommodate additional doors, users, or integration with other security systems.

Through support and training services, MTSS Group ensures that clients have the necessary expertise and assistance to effectively deploy, operate, and maintain the Inception system. This enables organizations to leverage the full capabilities of Inception, optimize their security operations, and enhance the overall safety and protection of their premises. 

Inception Features

Security Alarm

Inception's alarm feature enables proactive security monitoring, rapid response, and effective management of potential security threats, ensuring a safe and secure environment for organizations.


By leveraging automation capabilities, Inception simplifies routine tasks, enhances operational efficiency, and ensures consistent and reliable execution of predefined actions. This promotes a more streamlined and intelligent management of security and facility operations.

No Software Required

The web-based interface of Inception provides a user-friendly and intuitive environment for managing various aspects of the system, including user access, door control, alarm management, event monitoring, reporting, and system configuration. It offers a consistent user experience across different devices and operating systems, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Access Control (Door, Gate, Lift)

With its flexible integration capabilities, Inception enables seamless control and monitoring of gates, doors, and lifts. It allows administrators to define access rules, manage user permissions, and track access events, providing a comprehensive access control solution for enhanced security and efficient management of entry and exit points within a facility.

Easy Setup With Checklist Programming

Inception offers an Easy Setup feature with Checklist Programming, which simplifies the process of configuring and programming the system. This feature provides a step-by-step checklist-style interface that guides users through the setup process, ensuring that essential configuration tasks are completed efficiently

Open REST API Supported

Inception provides APIs that allow other systems or applications to communicate and exchange data with the Inception system. These APIs define the methods and protocols for integrating and interacting with Inception.

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