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WISENET WAVE Optimized VMS Appliances

Simplify your WISENETWAVE implementation with adaptable and expandable servers, workstation, and NVR solutions tailored for and optimized for WISENET WAVE Video Management System.

Supports 99% Of IP Cameras From All Makes and Manufacturers

Wisenet WAVE boasts support for a wide range of IP cameras, covering approximately 99% of the available options in the market. This broad compatibility ensures that you can seamlessly integrate and utilize your existing IP cameras within the Wisenet WAVE platform. Whether you have cameras from different manufacturers or varying models, chances are high that WAVE will be able to accommodate them. This extensive support allows for greater flexibility and convenience in building your video surveillance system, ensuring that you can leverage the benefits of Wisenet WAVE regardless of the IP camera brands and models you prefer to use.

Scalable. Simple and Reliable

Wisenet WAVE is a flexible IP video management platform that empowers users to create customized IP video surveillance solutions for any project. It is designed to be accessible to all users, on any device. Setting up and using WAVE is straightforward, while ensuring a dependable and robust video management system (VMS) specifically tailored to your needs.

WISENET WAVE User Interface

6 Reasons To Use Wisenet WAVE for your security surveillance

Embrace Simplicity

We prioritize user-friendly design to ensure seamless navigation within our software. From effortless software installation and server configuration to simplified recording setup, layout creation, and system sharing with WAVE Sync, every aspect is thoughtfully crafted with simplicity at its core.

As weightless as a feather 

Wisenet WAVE leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure a lightweight and efficient experience right from the software installation process. The combined server and client bundle is a mere 130MB, and the installation can be completed in just a few minutes. Unlike other software, Wisenet WAVE doesn't demand powerful workstations for operation. In fact, it can be driven even by an ARM-based processor!

We know reliability is important to you 

In critical situations, losing even a single moment of video is unacceptable. That's why a dependable security surveillance solution is essential. Wisenet WAVE is equipped with an array of features designed to ensure uninterrupted capture and recording of every moment. The software includes built-in multi-server redundant fail-over functionality, which can be easily activated with just a few clicks. And the best part? No additional fail-over licenses are required.

Share your system with a click of a button

With WAVE Sync, you can effortlessly share your system without the need for extensive network expertise. Once your Wisenet WAVE system is connected to WAVE Sync, remote access and system sharing become a breeze. This feature not only saves time and reduces costs for integrators managing client systems but also makes system access much simpler for end-users.

We love all Operating Systems!

Wisenet WAVE provides support for all major operating systems, allowing you to work in the environment that suits you best. Our server application is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux Ubuntu, while the client application functions on Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu, and Apple macOS. For mobile access, we offer dedicated applications for Apple iOS and Google Android. With WAVE Sync, you can effortlessly manage multiple systems and access live and archived videos directly from the most widely used internet browsers. 

Unlocking an open SDK/API. Let's collaborate and enhance together 

For the security surveillance industry to operate seamlessly, it is crucial that all system components are interconnected. Recognizing this, we have integrated Wisenet WAVE's SDK/API package directly into the server application. This means that as a developer, you will have direct access to our APIs and supporting documentation, along with helpful tools to facilitate your progress. We value your feedback and are eager to collaborate for further enhancements. Let us know your suggestions, and we can work together to make improvements. 



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