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Jacques IP communication system presents a trustworthy communication solution tailored for industrial sites, factories, plants, defense installations, and mines. When it comes to ensuring the safety of personnel working in such environments, a robust and reliable communication and security system is paramount. The Jacques IP communication system offers a comprehensive suite of features, including intercom and public address communication, which seamlessly integrates with third-party CCTV and building/security management systems. Designed for longevity, our devices excel in durability and deliver exceptional voice quality that withstands even the harshest conditions. Experience the peace of mind provided by Jacques IP communication system, knowing that your industrial site is equipped with a dependable and resilient communication solution.

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IP Technology

By harnessing the power of IP technology, the Industrial communication system effortlessly connects its devices to any Ethernet port, offering a seamless plug-and-play experience. The robust IP technology backbone enables the creation of systems tailored to the size of your industrial site, whether it's small, large, or multi-site. This flexibility ensures that your communication system can adapt and expand as your site grows and requirements evolve.

The Industrial communication system seamlessly integrates with CCTV and other third-party security systems through high-level integration, providing a comprehensive and cohesive solution. This integration ensures that Jacques Industrial solution plays a vital role in delivering critical communication to keep your sites safe. Experience the reliability and efficiency of our Industrial communication system, backed by advanced IP technology and seamless integration capabilities.



The PA system provides extensive zoning options, enabling factories or industrial sites to establish dedicated zones for each area. This allows for the distribution of live or pre-recorded broadcasts, tones, or warnings to one, multiple, or all zones, ensuring comprehensive and adaptable audio coverage.


With the capability to link sites through Wide Area Networks (WAN), the solution enables seamless communication across multiple locations while being centrally managed from a single control and management center.


The SIP gateway facilitates automatic transfer of intercom calls to external telephone systems or devices outside of regular operating hours. This ensures that calls for help and assistance are always promptly answered.


Configurable relay modules are incorporated into all intercom and help point units, allowing for the activation of external equipment such as controlling doors, boom gates, lights, or signaling CCTV presets as per specific requirements.


The solution seamlessly integrates via a high-level interface with numerous industry-recognized partners. Integration capabilities extend to building and security systems, CCTV, telephony, and access control systems, offering a comprehensive security solution that meets industry standards.

Industrial Applications


Maintaining secure areas and monitoring for intruders within the defence work environment is of utmost importance. Jacques offers access and bollard intercoms that provide a safe and convenient solution for granting access to authorized individuals in secured areas, gates, doors, and social areas. The Jacques Public Address system enables easy and user-friendly communication of announcements, emergencies, and alarms to all personnel on-site. The safety measures within the defence sector are further enhanced through the seamless integration of access control, CCTV, and building and security management systems.


Effective communication between individuals and central control is essential in mines. Jacques provides entrance and bollard intercoms that facilitate reliable communication in these critical areas. Additionally, the public address system ensures effective communication to all staff on-site. Whether the mine is located above or below ground or spans vast distances, Jacques offers vandal and weather-resistant intercom and help point units that guarantee reliable communication channels. Integration with CCTV and access control systems completes the comprehensive solution for mine security.


Maintaining security for goods and machinery is made easy with Jacques vandal and weather-resistant intercoms. These intercoms provide protection against intruders and manage access to secure areas, gates, or doors for authorized personnel. Jacques' Public Address system further enhances employee security by enabling announcements, emergency warnings, and alerts to be broadcasted throughout the entire facility. With Jacques' comprehensive security solutions, factories can ensure the safety of their assets and employees.

Jacques Technologies Product Line-Up



Air Services Australia – multiple sites

Australia Pacific LNG – multiple sites

BHP Mine Sites – Western Australia

Daleel Petroleum – UAE

Karratha Gas Terminal

Keppel Seghers Tuas Incineration

Petronas Oil & Gas Plant – Malaysia

PNBS National Banknote Site

Port Bonython Santos Refinery

Pulau Tekong – Singapore

Musandam Gas Plant – Oman

Qatar Foundation Warehouse & Distribution Centre

Southern Industrial & Logistics Clusters – Malaysia

Tindal RAAF Base – NT

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