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Auto Sliding Door Solutions


Automatic Sliding Door Supply, Customization and Installation

MTSS provides comprehensive automatic sliding door supply and installation services, catering to various needs and preferences of our customers. Our range of models comprises various options to suit diverse needs and applications. These include commercial aluminum-framed doors, commercial frameless glass doors, ultra-slimline profile doors, disabled toilet door systems, industrial and pharmaceutical doors, cavity sliding systems, breakout emergency systems, and telescopic systems.

MTSS Group Provide Supply, Installation and Customization for Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Door Supply

MTSS sources and supplies a wide range of automatic sliding door systems from reliable manufacturers. We carefully select high-quality products that meet safety standards and offer excellent performance.

Professional Installation

MTSS employs a team of skilled technicians with expertise in automatic door installations. We ensure precise and efficient installation, considering factors like door size, location, and customer requirements. Professional installation guarantees the optimal functioning and longevity of the automatic sliding doors.

Customization of Existing Sliding Doors

Customization for Existing Sliding Doors: We understand that some customers may have existing sliding doors that need improvement or automation. We offer customization services to retrofit automation to existing sliding doors, transforming them into efficient and automated solutions.

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Variety of Automatic Sliding Door Options To Choose

Framed Solutions

These doors come with sturdy and durable frames, adding to the door's overall strength and stability. Framed solutions are suitable for areas that require extra support or a classic appearance.

Frameless Solution

Frameless doors offer a modern and elegant look, where the absence of visible frames creates a sleek and seamless appearance. These doors are ideal for contemporary designs and environments.

Multi-Door Solution

We provide options for multiple automatic sliding doors, which are particularly useful for wider entrances or areas with heavy foot traffic. These multi-door systems can work in synchrony or individually based on the specific requirements.

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Why MTSS Group Should be your No.1 Door Solutions Provider

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