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 AXIS Network Audio Solutions

Experience the smart and effortless world of audio with Axis. 

Axis network audio solutions are versatile and can be tailored to fit various applications, including public address systems, background music, and interactive communication. With their network-based architecture, these solutions offer flexibility, scalability, and easy integration into existing security infrastructure, enhancing overall situational awareness and improving communication in diverse environments.

AXIS Network Audio Feature Highlights

NEW: AXIS Powered By Genetec

Axis Powered by Genetec incorporates Genetec Synergis™ access control software pre-installed on advanced AXIS A1210 and AXIS A1610 Network Door Controllers, specifically designed for Genetec. This enterprise-grade solution offers comprehensive offline access control capabilities. Each device can store up to 250,000 credentials and events, and supports connection to six auxiliary I/Os. Both the hardware and software come equipped with built-in cybersecurity features, ensuring enhanced protection. For instance, the onboard EAL6+ Certified compute module securely stores OSDP Secure Channel encryption keys.

Start Small and Expand as needed

Axis network audio systems are easy to install and integrate. They connect to your standard network using a single cable for power and connectivity (PoE), eliminating the need for dedicated audio infrastructure. Each speaker is a complete solution, requiring less equipment and space compared to analog systems. Built-in digital signal processors ensure clear sound without the need for technicians. Remote testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting are possible. The systems are easy to adapt, scale, and integrate with other systems using open standards.

Minimize Wiring Complexities

Axis access control solutions offer a streamlined and efficient approach compared to traditional systems. With edge-based functionality, our solutions connect directly to your existing network using IP PoE, eliminating the need for complex wiring to a central server. This not only reduces costs but also simplifies future modifications and adjustments.

AXIS Network Audio Product Line-Up


Why Choose MTSS Group As Your AXIS Solutions Provider?

MTSS Group, as an authorized supplier of Axis network cameras, ensures that clients receive genuine products and comprehensive support. We can assist clients in selecting the right Axis cameras based on their specific requirements, provide expert advice on installation and integration, and offer ongoing technical support, warranty and maintenance services.

By partnering with MTSS Group as your supplier of Axis network cameras, You can benefit from reliable and top-of-the-line surveillance solutions, backed by the expertise and support of a trusted security solutions provider.

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Does MTSS Group offer support and installation for AXIS Network Audio?

Yes, MTSS Group offers support and installation services for AXIS Network Audio systems. They have expertise in deploying and configuring AXIS Network Audio solutions to meet specific customer requirements. MTSS Group's technicians can assist with the installation of network speakers, microphones, audio bridges, and other components. They ensure proper connectivity and integration with the existing IP network infrastructure. Additionally, MTSS Group provides ongoing support and maintenance for AXIS Network Audio systems, ensuring their optimal performance and functionality. 

Does MTSS Group ship AXIS Communication products worldwide?

Yes, MTSS Group ships and supports clients worldwide when AXIS Communication products are purchased through our website.

How do I know which AXIS product is right for me?

Our team at MTSS Group is equipped to aid clients in the careful selection of Axis Communication products that best suit their unique security requirements. With our expertise, we provide professional guidance and recommendations on appropriate cameras, intercoms, access control systems, or public announcement solutions from Axis Communications that align seamlessly with our clients' needs.

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