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 AXIS Network Cameras

Unrivaled in Network Video: Innovation, Excellence, and Possibilities

Axis network cameras, supplied by MTSS Group, are cutting-edge surveillance solutions that provide advanced features, superior image quality, and seamless integration capabilities. MTSS Group, as a supplier of Axis network cameras, offers expertise in delivering these high-quality products to clients.

AXIS Network Camera Feature Highlights

Forensic WDR, Optimized IR

Axis Forensic WDR and Optimized IR are features in certain Axis network cameras that improve image quality in tough lighting conditions.

Axis Forensic WDR combines different exposures of a scene to create a balanced image, capturing details in both bright and dark areas.

Optimized IR adjusts IR illuminators for even illumination, preventing dark spots or overexposure. This enables clear video capture in complete darkness or low-light settings.

These features enhance image quality, ensuring better visibility and accurate surveillance footage in challenging lighting situations.

Analytics With Deep Learning

Axis Analytics with Deep Learning is a powerful feature in select Axis network cameras that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze video footage. It can perform advanced tasks like object detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and behavioral analysis. This technology enhances surveillance by accurately identifying objects, recognizing faces, reading license plates, and detecting unusual behavior. It helps improve security, automate processes, and gain valuable insights from video data. 

 AXIS Lightfinder 2.0

Axis Lightfinder 2.0 is an advanced technology incorporated into select Axis network cameras that enables exceptional low-light performance and improves image quality in challenging lighting conditions.

Axis Lightfinder 2.0 utilizes a combination of hardware and software enhancements to capture clear and detailed images, even in extremely low-light environments. This technology allows the cameras to maintain color fidelity, reduce noise, and deliver enhanced visibility, making it easier to identify objects and individuals in low-light situations.

Zipstream supporting H.264 and H.265

Axis Zipstream is a technology in Axis network cameras that optimizes video compression. It reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality. By focusing on important details, it reduces file size while retaining crucial information. This results in efficient use of storage, longer retention periods, and improved network performance. 

AXIS Network Camera Product Line-Up


Why Choose MTSS Group As Your AXIS Solutions Provider?

MTSS Group, as an authorized supplier of Axis network cameras, ensures that clients receive genuine products and comprehensive support. We can assist clients in selecting the right Axis cameras based on their specific requirements, provide expert advice on installation and integration, and offer ongoing technical support, warranty and maintenance services.

By partnering with MTSS Group as your supplier of Axis network cameras, You can benefit from reliable and top-of-the-line surveillance solutions, backed by the expertise and support of a trusted security solutions provider.

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AXIS Network Camera FAQ

Does MTSS Group offer support and installation for AXIS Communication?

MTSS Group is a proud AXIS Partner and can help and support customers with:

  1. Product Selection and Consultation: MTSS Group can assist clients in selecting the right Axis Communication products based on their specific security needs. We can provide expert advice and recommendations on the suitable cameras, intercoms, access control systems, or public announcement solutions from Axis Communications that align with the client's requirements.

  2. Installation and Integration: MTSS Group can handle the installation and integration of Axis Communication products into the client's existing security infrastructure. This includes mounting and configuring cameras, intercoms, access control devices, and integrating them with other security systems for seamless operation.

  3. System Configuration and Optimization: MTSS Group can help clients configure and optimize Axis Communication products for optimal performance and functionality. We can assist in setting up network configurations, adjusting camera settings, implementing intelligent video analytics, and ensuring proper integration with other security components.

  4. Training and Support: MTSS Group can also provide training sessions to educate clients on the operation and management of Axis Communication products. We can provide guidance on using the software interfaces, accessing video feeds, managing access control systems, troubleshooting common issues, and maximizing the benefits of the security solution. Additionally, We provide ongoing technical support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of the Axis Communication products over time.

Does MTSS Group ship AXIS Communication products worldwide?

Yes, MTSS Group ships and supports clients worldwide when AXIS Communication products are purchased through our website.

What is the difference between AXIS network cameras Q,P and M series?

The difference between the AXIS network cameras Q, P, and M series lies in their features, capabilities, and target applications. Here's a breakdown of each series:

  1. AXIS Q Series: The Q series is Axis Communications' high-end network camera series designed for professional surveillance applications. These cameras are known for their exceptional image quality, advanced features, and robust construction. They typically offer higher resolution options, superior low-light performance, and advanced imaging technologies like wide dynamic range (WDR) and enhanced light sensitivity. AXIS Q series cameras often have extensive customization options, advanced analytics capabilities, and are suitable for demanding environments or specialized surveillance needs.

  2. AXIS P Series: The P series is Axis Communications' mid-range network camera series, offering a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness. These cameras provide reliable surveillance with good image quality and essential features. They are designed for a wide range of applications and environments, including indoor and outdoor use. AXIS P series cameras may offer a variety of resolutions and basic-to-advanced features, making them suitable for general surveillance needs in various settings.

  3. AXIS M Series: The M series is Axis Communications' entry-level network camera series, aimed at cost-conscious customers or basic surveillance requirements. These cameras provide essential functionalities and a straightforward setup. AXIS M series cameras typically offer lower resolution options and fewer advanced features compared to the Q and P series. They are suitable for small-scale surveillance applications, such as homes, small businesses, or areas where budget constraints are a consideration.

It's important to note that the specific models and features within each series can vary. Axis Communications regularly updates their camera lineup, introducing new models with improved capabilities. It's advisable to contact us at MTSS Group as an AXIS Partner or consult AXIS Communications Website for the most up-to-date information on the features and specifications of their Q, P, and M series cameras.

How do I know which AXIS product is right for me?

Our team at MTSS Group is equipped to aid clients in the careful selection of Axis Communication products that best suit their unique security requirements. With our expertise, we provide professional guidance and recommendations on appropriate cameras, intercoms, access control systems, or public announcement solutions from Axis Communications that align seamlessly with our clients' needs.

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