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IP Intercom for Residential

Choose Jacques IP communication system for dependable and customizable communication solutions in residential complexes, including public housing. Our video and audio intercoms are designed to meet the specific needs of apartments, housing estates, and private housing, enhancing safety and security. Trust Jacques to provide tailored products that ensure maximum peace of mind for residents.

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IP Technology

With our Residential communication system, you can enjoy the benefits of seamless integration and plug-and-play convenience. Utilizing IP technology, our devices can be connected directly to any ethernet port, allowing for easy setup. The system can be integrated with third-party systems, creating a centralized control hub at the monitor station. Our configuration options offer flexibility in call handling and presets, enabling us to meet the specific requirements of your residential project. Experience the power of IP technology for enhanced communication in residential environments.



Experience reliable sound quality, alarm tones, evacuation signals, and clear verbal instructions with the Jacques IP PA system. Ensure an orderly evacuation and timely information dissemination to specific zones or the entire commercial site.


Effortlessly select and view third-party IP CCTV camera streams in real-time through the video monitor station. Stay informed about the identity of individuals entering the building.


Seamlessly connect the Jacques Commercial communication solution with SIP telephony systems like CISCO and Avaya. Enable comprehensive intercommunication and connectivity throughout the building.


Enjoy the convenience of one-touch concierge or duress calling from video monitor stations directly to a predefined master station, ensuring swift response and assistance.

Residential Intercom Applications


Enhance the security of apartment complexes with Jacques IP Communications System. By seamlessly integrating with building management, security, CCTV, and access control systems, residents, staff, and visitors are ensured heightened safety and monitoring capabilities. The sleek touchscreen video monitor station enables users to answer intercom calls, activate entrance gate relays for visitor access, and view live footage from third-party CCTV cameras. Missed calls are captured as snapshots, and reception can send text messages to notify residents of maintenance issues or body corporate meetings.


Safeguard your family, pets, and belongings with Jacques' user-friendly video intercom system for private housing. Enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle with an IP-based touch screen video intercom system that can be integrated with CCTV cameras. The intercom terminals, equipped with relay modules, provide convenient control over doors or gates.


In densely populated cities, community housing complexes often feature multi-level apartment buildings with shared spaces within gated precincts. Jacques IP communication system caters to the communication needs of these social housing complexes, ensuring a safe and secure environment for residents, guests, and facility operators.

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