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What Is TZ Smart Locker?

TZ specializes in smart locker solutions, streamlining processes for safe and contactless delivery, collection, and storage. With over 25 years of experience, we cater to customers, employees, consumers, residents, and students.

Our scalable and modular Smart Locker solutions offer flexibility to choose designs that fit specific needs and budgets. Options include casework or metalwork lockers with additional functional extras for enhanced versatility.

Key Features of TZ Smart Lockers:

  • Door locks with integrated LED lighting and USB charging options
  • 12" touchscreen panel PC interface running smart locker kiosk software for local database, synchronization services, and device management
  • RFID card reader and mobile app for user authentication
  • Battery-backed power supply (UPS) for protection, power conditioning, and continuity during short-term interruptions
  • Ergonomically designed lockers and consoles based on anthropometric measurements for easy access and control
  • Audio direction capability in Smart Locker consoles, enabling audio feedback for each locker
  • Braille and tactile keypads available for accessibility needs

Employee Day Lockers

Enhance workplace productivity and employee satisfaction with TZ Smart Lockers designed specifically for agile organizations. These enterprise-level storage solutions provide the flexibility and security required in the modern workplace. Customize each system to cater to various usage scenarios, whether it's permanent, temporary, guest, or shared use, maximizing real estate efficiency. 

End Of Trip Lockers

Tailored for commuters who travel by bike or on foot, TZ End of Trip Lockers provide a versatile and scalable storage solution that can be customized to fit different needs and budgets.

Our end-of-trip software solutions feature user-friendly "plug and play" locking devices, ensuring effortless installation and maintenance. With real-time monitoring, reporting, and management capabilities, these solutions offer low-maintenance administration for streamlined operations.

Campus Lockers

TZ Smart Campus Lockers are a comprehensive solution to optimize package management on campuses, reducing costs and minimizing face-to-face contact. Our smart locker system takes care of mail and parcel delivery, notification, retrieval, and reporting.

With 24/7 access for students, TZ Smart Campus Lockers not only provide convenience but also minimize human and surface contact. Universities can optimize interior real estate, decrease administrative costs, and enhance staff productivity across the entire campus. Experience a streamlined and efficient package management solution with TZ Smart Campus Lockers.

Asset Management Lockers

TZ Asset Management Locker systems provide a secure and convenient solution for storing, returning, and replenishing assets around the clock, every day of the year. Gain total control over inventory management and ensure end-to-end chain of custody with comprehensive access traceability.

Track the entire journey of any item, from its initial deployment to its final destination. Effortlessly distribute assets to individuals at any time, day or night. Enable remote workers to exchange, repair, or return assets without the need for direct contact. Onboard new team members seamlessly without impacting IT schedules. With TZ Asset Management Lockers, simplify asset management and streamline operations for maximum efficiency.

Software Powered Solutions

Networked Deployment

TZ Smart Locker solutions offer a comprehensive package that includes system integration, server software, client-server connectivity, and a client application running at the kiosk.

Our options provide web-based portals with remote management capabilities accessed through Employee, Concierge, or Administrator logins. User authentication is seamlessly managed through integration with the Building Management System.

Real-Time Integration

Integration with Active Directory ensures smooth employee onboarding and offboarding processes, along with automated recognition of employee status and preferences such as visitor status, DDA compliance, and locker allocation requirements. Secure communication over IP is achieved using HTTPS, JSON, and XML protocols.

Streamlined Administration

Save valuable time and resources with TZ Smart Locker software capabilities. No manual administration is required for profile setup or removal of inactive accounts, reducing administrative tasks and training requirements. Enjoy an efficient and hassle-free administration process.

Smart and Bespoke Designs

Material Selection 

Select from a wide array of materials to customize your smart locker build. Whether it's laminate, wood, or metal, choose the option that best complements your corporate image or the installation environment.

Branding Enhancement 

With a TZ Smart Locker installation, you have the perfect platform to showcase your brand's personality and style. Take advantage of this opportunity to create a positive brand experience with various branding options. Brand it, wrap it, decorate it – let your creativity shine and make a statement that leaves a lasting impression.

Various Layouts Available

Custom-Built Lockers 

We understand that different requirements call for tailored solutions. That's why our lockers are custom-built to your specific needs and specifications. Choose from a diverse range of locker sizes and column modules to create the perfect fit for your spac

Locker Banks 

Our Locker Banks consist of multiple columns joined side by side to provide a comprehensive storage solution. With the flexibility to configure and combine columns, you can design a Locker Bank that precisely meets your storage demands.

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