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Accessibility Access Control

Access Control for special needs people.

What is Accessibility Access Control?

Accessibility access control systems are specifically designed to cater to the needs of individuals with special requirements, ensuring that they can navigate buildings and facilities easily and independently. These systems incorporate various features such as automatic door openers, long-range card readers, and easy-access exit buttons, particularly in areas like bathrooms of shopping malls, offices, and facilities.

  1. Automatic Door Openers: Automatic door openers are devices that automatically open doors when triggered, eliminating the need for individuals to physically push or pull them. These openers are particularly beneficial for people with mobility challenges, such as wheelchair users or those with limited strength. They provide a convenient and accessible way for individuals to enter or exit buildings without assistance.

  2. Long Range Card Readers: Long-range card readers enable individuals to access controlled areas without the need for close proximity to the reader. This technology allows users to present their access cards from a greater distance, facilitating easier access for individuals with mobility limitations or those who use mobility aids. Long-range card readers improve convenience and independence for people with special needs.

  3. Easy Access Exit Buttons: Easy access exit buttons are strategically placed in accessible locations, such as bathrooms, to provide a simple and accessible means for individuals to exit a space. These buttons are designed to be large, clearly labeled, and easy to operate, accommodating individuals with limited dexterity or visual impairments. They ensure that people with special needs can easily exit areas in case of emergency or when required.

The incorporation of these accessibility access control features in public spaces, shopping malls, offices, and facilities promotes inclusivity and ensures that individuals with special needs can navigate and utilize the premises independently. By removing physical barriers and implementing user-friendly solutions, these access control systems contribute to creating a more inclusive environment for everyone.

Accessibility Access Control in Action

In this video you will see an accessibility access control system in action. This particular system uses an automatic door opener and closer to actuate the door for the ocupant, Allowing smooth easy operation.

The durable push plates are stainless steel and etched with the "Disabled" standard logo and mounted on the wall to control the door operation (Opening & Closing). 

While the ocupant is inside the bathroom he is able to lock the door to prevent others entering.

This system can be further expanded to incorporate a HPU (help Point Unit), Intercoms and duress buttons for emergencies.