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Enterprise VMS Solution for Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Digifort products have been carefully crafted to provide top-notch video monitoring and management software. They go beyond industry standards and expectations, offering customized features for a wide range of applications. Presently, Digifort boasts a global presence with over 240 manufacturers and integration with over 6500 device models. Their comprehensive system includes features such as complete alarm system and automation, automobile license plate reading, intelligent image analysis, integration with various access control systems, biometrics, CRM, ERP, city management software, and more.

Digifort has developed the Digifort Mobile Client, a Java-based application for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones (both Android and iOS). This application allows users to view and playback IP camera and encoder footage. It serves as an ideal solution for both companies and homes, providing users with the flexibility to access and control cameras, PTZ functionality, activate presets, and trigger events from any location. The Digifort Mobile Client is designed to seamlessly integrate with Digifort Server, and it serves as a complement rather than an additional module. Importantly, it does not require an extra license and has been available since version 7 of the software.

DigiFort Versions


Ideal for deployment in small condominiums, offices, residences, small shops, and similar small businesses, this dependable solution offers essential features. Its primary attributes include the ability to record and monitor images from IP and/or analog cameras, which can be connected through DVRs, NVRs, or Video Encoders. 


This application is highly recommended for customers seeking a cost-effective solution for up to 32 cameras, while also desiring additional advanced features. One notable feature is the Integrated Web Server, which allows users to control PTZ cameras directly through the mouse. With just a simple click, operators can effortlessly access and control various features of their cameras.


Designed to cater to the requirements of medium and large clients, this solution offers an array of features that include PTZ control via joystick, synoptic map functionality, support for up to 16 distinct user profiles, unlimited connections, a web server, and the ability to view camera feeds through mobile devices. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with optional Digifort modules, providing enhanced capabilities. By incorporating Digifort Professional account, users can enjoy the integration of Alarm and Automation modules along with Digifort Evidence, offering customers a comprehensive monitoring, alarm, and automation solution.


This edition is highly recommended for medium and large users who require a system with limitless tools and functionalities. It provides comprehensive solutions for alarms, access control, and automation. In addition to the features found in other software versions, this edition offers the added benefit of integrating alarm and automation modules. It supports an unlimited number of cameras, provides IP filters for enhanced security, and offers server status reports for easy monitoring. 

Turn your phone into an IP Camera

By utilizing the Digifort Mobile Camera application, you can transform your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet into a functioning camera. It streams live video directly to your Digifort server, enabling you to view the feed through the monitoring client or other Mobile Clients. Remarkably, this feature consumes only one camera license, treating it as an IP device. It grants you complete mobility, simplifying the monitoring of construction sites, containers, and various other scenarios. This functionality proves highly valuable to the surveillance system as it permits image recording in locations where camera installation is otherwise impractical. 

DigiFort Traffic LPR

Digifort LPR (License Plate Recognition) system is applicable in various settings such as highways, streets, parking lots, shopping malls, businesses, or any location that requires license plate identification. It functions as an intelligent module that utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automatically recognize and extract characters from vehicle license plates. These identified plates are then stored in a database, allowing for immediate or future searches and association with relevant events. This enables the system to generate alarms, automate processes, and facilitate efficient management.

With the Digifort LPR, it becomes possible to determine the authorization status of vehicles entering a particular environment. It can automatically open gates and barriers, implement traffic restrictions (e.g., for stolen cars, vehicles with expired registration or unpaid fines), issue alerts, and even facilitate vehicle seizure or detainment of passengers, if required. The system empowers users to take appropriate measures based on the information retrieved from license plate recognition, ensuring enhanced security and control.

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