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CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring And Notifcations Utilising Artificial Intelligence Technology

Why use MTSS Group for your CCTV Monitoring solution?

✔ Up to 99% Accuracy with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

✔ Deploy CCTV solutions anywhere across Australia (Remote & Local)

No Lock In Contracts 

Self Monitoring available

Accurately detect objects and classification (Vehicle, Person, Face)

CCTV Monitoring with MTSS Group.

MTSS Group offers an advanced CCTV monitoring solution that leverages AI-powered cameras capable of monitoring perimeter and fence lines. These cutting-edge cameras are equipped with intelligent classification capabilities, allowing them to detect and differentiate various objects such as vehicles, persons, and even faces. This sophisticated technology ensures precise and reliable monitoring, enhancing security and threat detection capabilities.

One notable feature of our CCTV monitoring solution is the ability to provide real-time alerts to clients. When an alarm event or specific activity is detected by the AI cameras, the system can automatically generate email notifications, accompanied by snapshots capturing the relevant incident. This immediate notification enables clients to stay informed about critical events and take prompt action when necessary.

Moreover, our CCTV monitoring solution is designed to be highly flexible and adaptable to various environments. It can be deployed anywhere across Australia, whether in remote locations or local areas. We understand the need for security coverage in diverse settings, and our solution can be seamlessly implemented, ensuring comprehensive monitoring regardless of geographical challenges.

Additionally, we offer solar-powered options for locations where traditional power sources may be limited or unavailable. These solar-powered solutions provide energy-efficient operation, reducing reliance on external power infrastructure while maintaining the highest level of security.

By combining AI-powered CCTV cameras with intelligent classification capabilities, email notifications with snapshots, and the flexibility of deployment, MTSS Group's CCTV monitoring solution delivers robust and reliable security monitoring for perimeter and fence lines. We are committed to providing cutting-edge technologies and tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients across Australia.

Examples of AI Powered CCTV Monitoring:

MTSS Group can customize your AI Detection requirements, Please contact our team to discuss.

Professional CCTV Installation by MTSS Group

At MTSS, we take pride in our professional approach to installing CCTV cameras from leading brands such as Hanwha Vision, Bosch, and AXIS. Our installation process ensures that the cameras are mounted securely and positioned optimally to maximize their surveillance capabilities. We also offer custom-made bracketry and posts for specialized installations, ensuring a tailored and reliable solution for our clients' specific needs.

Our installation team consists of skilled technicians who are trained and experienced in working with a wide range of CCTV cameras. They adhere to industry best practices and follow meticulous procedures to ensure a seamless and efficient installation process.

Support Australian Businesses. 

Why MTSS Group Should be your No.1 Security Provider

✔ 100% Australian Owned and Family Operated Company

✔ Preference For Local Products and Manufacturing

✔ Australian Based 24/7 A1 Certified Control Room

✔ No Lock In Contracts, Cancel Anytime

✔ No Outsourced Overseas Management.

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