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Hanwha Vision WISENET Product Line-Up


Hanwha Vision FAQ

What is the difference between WISENET Q,X,P and T Series ?

Hanwha Vision has engineered different solutions for different applications. WISENET Cameras feature different series suitable to specific surveillance requirements.

For example Q Series cameras are suitable for entry level, cost saving general viewing surveillance where features like AI or ANPR are not needed.

X Series cameras feature chipsets such as WISENET 5, WISENET 7 and etc to provide the camera extra processing performance to operate in ultra low light levels and Artificial Intelligence Video Analaytics.

P Series cameras are like X Series but feature higher resolution options above 8MP. P Series also offer bespoke solutions such as panoramic cameras, 360 Degree and PTZ options.

T Series cameras are specialized for industrial and defence applications where features such as thermal imaging for perimeter monitoring or explosion proof housings for harsh environments.

If you are unsure what series is suitable for you contact MTSS Group to discuss.

Do you ship Hanwha Vision products worldwide?

Yes, We ship all Hanwha Visions products with the correct region worldwide!

Do you provide installation for Hanwha Vision products?

Yes! We provide installation for all Hanwha Vision products and other solutions to all markets. Contact MTSS Group for a quote.

Do you offer Support for Hanwha Vision products?

Yes, If purchased from MTSS Group our technicians can provide remote support to setup, diagnose or configure your Hanwha Vision security products.

What is NDAA Complaint?

NDAA meaning "National Defense Authorization Act" is scheme run by the Unites States Government to provide accreditation to key security product manufacturers that show capability to engineer their products and solutions that meet US Government requirements.

Some of these requirements include manufacturing location, sourcing of material and cyber security resilience with the onboard chipset and electronics.

Many factors are taken into consideration before NDAA Compliancy is given. Customers that are concerned with their cyber security can be comforted knowing Hanwha Vision provides NDAA Compliant Security Solutions!

Contact MTSS Group to discuss your NDAA Compliant Surveillance Solution.

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