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HID Origo

HID Mobile Credentials, Origo And Mobile Access

Convenient Access Control with HID Origo / Mobile Access

With HID Mobile Access®, employees can now enjoy the convenience of using their smartphones, tablets, or wearables to access doors, gates, networks, and more. This modern option for access control not only enhances user convenience in today's mobile-first world but also gives your organization a contemporary and professional image.

HID Mobile Access utilizes Seos® as its underlying credential technology and brings the following key benefits:

Enhanced User Convenience: Gone are the days of carrying physical access cards. Now, employees can simply use their trusted mobile devices for seamless access. With intuitive "Tap" and "Twist and Go" gestures, accessing facilities becomes more convenient and efficient.

Improved Operational Efficiency: Administrators can leverage HID Global's online Secure Identity Services portal to easily create, manage, issue, and revoke access credentials wirelessly, either individually or in batches. This streamlined process saves time and effort in managing access control credentials.

Heightened Security: HID Mobile Access employs a cloud-based Trusted Service Manager, Seos credential technology, the Secure Identity Object data model, and industry best practices to bind each mobile ID to the device. This ensures data protection at rest and in motion. In addition to technical security measures, the overall facility security is enhanced by the fact that individuals typically guard their mobile phones more closely than their access cards.

No Physical Cards means Increased Security.

Manage Your Credentials With HID Management Portal

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HID Origo Supports Android and iPhone Smartphone

Supports NFC and BLE Technology for ultimate versatility and compatibility

(BLE - Bluetooth Technology)

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