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In our dynamic world, your team holds the responsibility of safeguarding the environments where individuals work, reside, commute, and educate. With LenelS2, you can trust in your capacity to fulfill your objectives both today and in the long run. 

Holistic Solutions for Enhanced Security, Safety, and Operational Efficiency 

LenelS2 stands as the forefront global provider of cutting-edge solutions for physical security, encompassing access control, video surveillance, and mobile credentialing. We continuously innovate our products, systems, and services to meet the ever-changing and intricate requirements of the world's most demanding organizations. Irrespective of the scale of your operation, whether it be a small-to-medium-sized business or a sprawling global enterprise, our solutions are meticulously designed to effectively tackle your distinct challenges. Below are the solutions offered by LenelS2.

Access Control

Lenel OnGuard: A robust security management platform offering advanced access control, video management, and alarm monitoring for comprehensive security solutions.

Lenel NetBox: An intuitive access control system designed for smaller installations, providing simplified management of access to facilities and doors.

Lenel Elements: An integrated suite of access control and video management solutions catering to entry-level applications with basic security needs.

Mobile Credential

Lenel Diamond: An advanced security solution offering cutting-edge features and technologies for comprehensive access control and security management.

BlueDiamond Multi-Tech Readers: State-of-the-art access control readers that support multiple technologies, providing enhanced flexibility and compatibility with various credential types.

Mobile App + Credentials: A mobile application that enables convenient access control using smartphones as credentials, offering flexibility, convenience, and increased security for users.

Video Management

Magic Monitor: An innovative video management and display solution that provides centralized control and monitoring of video feeds, enhancing situational awareness and operational efficiency.

VRX: A powerful video analytics platform that utilizes advanced algorithms to detect and analyze events in real-time, enabling proactive security measures and intelligent video surveillance.

XProtect: A leading video management software (VMS) platform that offers robust features for managing, viewing, and recording video from multiple cameras, providing a scalable and comprehensive solution for video surveillance needs.

Advanced Services

Lenel Advanced Services: Comprehensive and specialized services offered by Lenel to support and optimize the implementation, integration, and maintenance of security systems, ensuring maximum effectiveness and performance.

Support For All Flagship Lenel S2 Products


The NetBox™ system is perfectly suited for small businesses and remote offices of large enterprises. It provides support for up to 32 portals, along with comprehensive features like person record and cardholder management, event monitoring, and more. 


The OnGuard® access control system, packed with an array of features, offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with various security, business, and building systems. It caters to the requirements of intricate enterprise deployments, ensuring a robust and versatile security solution. 


BlueDiamond™ access control readers and credentials provide a seamless and cutting-edge experience, delivering a comprehensive and effortless solution for access control needs in the modern era.


Designed specifically for cloud environments, the Elements™ unified access control and video management solution is tailor-made for small- to medium-sized businesses or enterprises with satellite locations, offering an ideal solution that combines access control and video management functionalities.


Experience the next generation with VRx™ video management systems, offering advanced features such as UHD playback, deep learning analytics capabilities, and a range of cutting-edge functionalities for an unparalleled video management experience.

Magic Monitor

Unleash the power of situational awareness with Magic Monitor® unified client, where access control, video surveillance, forensics, digital signage, and live Internet feeds seamlessly converge within a single client. This comprehensive solution empowers users with enhanced situational awareness by integrating multiple functionalities into a unified interface. 

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