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Security Alarm Monitoring

Australian Grade A1 Certified Control Room

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Australian Grade A1 Certified Control Room

Security Alarm Monitoring with MTSS Group.

At MTSS, we specialize in providing professional security alarm monitoring services for a diverse range of clients, including homes, businesses, schools, and commercial establishments. Our comprehensive solutions cater to both existing alarm systems and new installations, ensuring seamless connectivity to our advanced control room for continuous monitoring of system status and events.

In the event of an alarm activation, our Grade A1 Australian Certified control room promptly initiates communication with designated key-holders, alerting them to the situation at hand. Upon your request or based on predetermined protocols, our team can dispatch highly trained security patrols to the location, ensuring a swift and effective response.

Furthermore, our capabilities extend beyond traditional alarm monitoring. We possess the expertise to promptly respond to medical and panic alarms as well. Should the need arise, we can quickly mobilize emergency services such as Police, Fire Brigade, and Ambulance, providing a comprehensive suite of emergency response options.

To enhance your control and convenience, we offer NBN (National Broadband Network) and 4G options. These advanced connectivity solutions enable you to have total oversight and management of your alarm system through a user-friendly phone application, empowering you with features such as remote Arm & Disarm functionality. This ensures that you can monitor and control your security system effortlessly from anywhere, granting you peace of mind and utmost convenience.

With our extensive range of monitoring solutions, including the integration of cutting-edge technologies like Permaconn, Multipath, and Skytunnel, we are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive and tailored security alarm monitoring service.

Here are some Security Alarm Monitoring events we action:

Hold Up & Duress
Break and Enter 
Out of Hours Entry
Late To Close
Mains fail
Low Battery 

System Isolations
User Identification
Smoke Alarms
System Faults
Machine Faults

We can also customize your Security Alarm Events, Please enquire for more details.

Get Exclusive Portal Access.

As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional service, MTSS extends complimentary access to our exclusive portal for all clients utilizing our alarm monitoring service. Through this portal, you gain unrestricted access to a comprehensive range of features, including a detailed log of alarm events and historical data. This invaluable tool provides you with limitless possibilities for leveraging the information. 

Here are just a few examples of popular applications: 

  1. Incident Analysis: Easily review and analyze alarm events and their corresponding timestamps to gain insights into patterns, trends, and potential vulnerabilities. This enables you to refine your security strategies and implement proactive measures.

  2. Documentation and Reporting: Access and download detailed reports of alarm history for record-keeping, compliance purposes, or to share with stakeholders. The portal simplifies the process of generating accurate and comprehensive documentation.

  3. Performance Evaluation: Assess the effectiveness of your security measures by evaluating alarm response times, identifying any delays or gaps, and implementing improvements as necessary. The portal empowers you to make data-driven decisions for optimizing your security operations.

  4. System Configuration and Management: Take advantage of the portal's functionality to remotely configure and manage your alarm system settings, such as contact lists, notification preferences, and alarm thresholds. This streamlines administrative tasks and ensures your system remains tailored to your specific needs.

  5. Remote Monitoring: Stay connected to your alarm system at all times by utilizing the portal's remote monitoring capabilities. Receive real-time alerts and notifications, enabling you to promptly address any potential security concerns, even when you are away from the premises.

Support Australian Businesses. 

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MTSS Group supports all alarm monitoring solutions.

✔ Permaconn

✔ Multipath - Inner Range

✔ SkyTunnel

✔ Direct Wireless

✔ Paradox

Telstra Secure



Independant IP Systems (, BlueHub, Bosch IP etc)

* Contact MTSS Group to see if your existing solution is supported

Our Simple And Affordable Plans Start From $1 a day

* $0 Setup Fee Only Applicable To Customers Where An Active Telephone Line Is Present At The Alarm Panel.

MTSS provides a prompt security guard alarm response for a flat rate of $59 which client has the option to use, Also Emergency services such as Police, Fire And Ambulance for duress or emergency alarms 

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