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MTSS Group provides useful information for basic safety, security, and the efficient operation of stores. From single stores to multi-store chains, retail business activities demand a number of key features.

- Intelligent video surveillance equipment capable of easily mitigating loss and resolving disreputable incidents that arise between customers and employees.
- Increased sales via analyses of product displays and customer visits, and cost savings by streamlining store operations.

Changes resulting from the fusion of traditional retail and e-tail outlets demand cutting-edge marketing information. Hanwha Techwin offers optimized proprietary solutions to address the growing needs of retail markets.


Key Features Include:

Video Surveillance  

- Real-Time Monitoring and Storage

- Remote Monitoring and Playback

- Monitoring via Mobile Devices

Increased Sales

- Visitor Counting

- Customer Movement Analysis

- Daily Customer Pattern Analysis

Cost Savings 

- Centralised Management System

- Network-linked Security Equipment

Specialized for Warehousing and Integrated Surveillance

- Smart coverage options, including range of 360° fish-eye, PTZ, IR, and low cost basic camera options cover the store - no blind spots

- Cameras with image and WDR for effective Loss Prevention video for real time pursuit and evidence; Investigate claims of slip and fall to manage liability from false claims

- Reliable and affordable all-in-one package with full-HD to 4K resolution for SOHO

- Heat Map for layout and display insights

- People counting at entrance using built-in analytics and advanced edge analytics on Open Platform

- Point of Sale integration and exception reporting with technology partners with high quality video for cash monitoring; POS receipt data is stored concurrently with video footage to enable image searches through receipt information.

- Better customer service with checkout queue management and zone analysis

- Store video surveillance and management through integration of different retail equipment; Cutting-edge data tracking technology through integrating various connected devices, central monitoring system, and mobile surveillance

Mobile Monitoring

- Monitors and searches videos from remote location using mobile devices

Intelligent Video Analytics to Increase Sales

- Statistical graphs for analysis based on previously stored various in-store business intelligence data : foot traffic, customer queueing, Parking Lot and store display

- Statistics on visitor numbers and summary of traffic patterns and trends for recording the number of visitors and analyzing trends by time.

- Effectiveness of displays and staffing levels and in relation to same store sales results and trends

- Customer and operations insights to enhance store sales performance

Efficient Centralized Management

- Monitors and manages devices in various locations from a remotely located control center

- Reduced operation costs via convenient features for efficient store operations.

- Centralized device maintenance and easy installation.