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Bosch Professional Series PIR Motion Detectors with Anti‑mask

The Professional Series PIR Detectors with Anti‑mask are exceptionally suited for commercial indoor applications. MANTIS anti-mask technology makes obscuring the detector view nearly impossible for intruders. Sensor data fusion technology ensures that the detector sends alarm conditions based on precise information. Tri‑focus optics eliminate coverage gaps and respond efficiently to intruders. The powerful combination of unique features in the Professional Series delivers superior catch performance and virtually eliminates false alarms. The self-locking two-piece enclosure, built-in bubble level, flexible mounting height, and three optional mounting brackets simplify installation and reduce service time.

Sensor Data Fusion Technology 

Sensor data fusion technology is a unique feature that uses a sophisticated software algorithm to gather signals from multiple sensors: two pyroelectric sensors, a microwave assist sensor, a room temperature sensor, and a white light level sensor. The microcontroller analyzes and compares the sensor data to make the most intelligent alarm decisions in the security industry. 

Microwave Assist Technology 

Microwave assist technology provides additional input into the sensor data fusion signal processing algorithm to improve alarm decisions when PIR signals are similar to false alarm sources. 

Tri-focus Optics Technology 

Tri-focus optics technology uses optics with three specific focal lengths: long-range coverage, middlerange coverage, and short-range coverage. The detector applies the three focal lengths to 86 detection zones, which combine to make 11 solid curtains of detection. Tri-focus optics technology also includes two pyroelectric sensors, which deliver twice the standard optical gain. The sensors process multiple signals to deliver precise performance virtually free of false alarms.

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