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Cities represent the very centres of economic vitality and public life. The right use of effective communication and information technology helps cities get smarter. By connecting various kinds of data collecting devices such as sensors, cameras and so on, cities can manage its infrastructure, resources and urban planning. In Smart City, video surveillance goes far beyond simple monitoring. Video surveillance now acts as analytical tools as well as indicators for city operations.

To meet the new challenges in the changing times, MTSS presents WISENET By Samsung Hanwha the most optimized solution for wide area surveillance and data analysis.

Key Features Include:

City-dedicated product line-ups  

- Multi-directional and super high resolution cameras for wide area surveillance coverage with details.

- Efficient operations with intelligent video analytics such as object & sound classification and smart search.

- Optimized mobile and wireless solutions.

Traffic management & Public monitoring 

- Intelligent ANPR system detects situations of traffic violations as well as identifies and tracks vehicles used in crimes.

- Deter pick pocketing, shoplifting, and violent crimes by their presence themselves and also by their footage for later investigations.

- Remote visibility to check before dispatching officers to the sites.

Better operational efficiency 

- Intelligent video analytics increase the level of security and simplify officers' day-to-day workloads.

- Smart Search can extremely reduce your time searching for crime scene or suspects.

City-dedicated product line-ups

  1. 1. Wide area monitoring for 24/7 reliable operations

    • Full HD to 4K ultra high resolution cameras deliver crystal clear video. For dark or high contrast areas that are also prone to criminal activities, high resolution cameras with IR and WDR should be used for round the clock monitoring. Vandal resistant housings can endure various conditions of outdoor environments. 37x zoom Full HD IR outdoor PTZ helps you to identify a person farther than 350 meters in complete darkness and can track any person entering high crime areas automatically any time of the day.
  1. 2. Omnidirectional monitoring with a single camera

    • With the exception of PTZ type, most surveillance cameras are typically static. Even with wider viewing angle, close to 180°, it creates blind spots where most crimes take place. In order to resolve this critical weakness of most surveillance cameras, Hanwha Techwin offers various types of multi-sensor, multi-directional and fisheye cameras with up to 360° coverage. Based on the different types of installation sites, you can choose the best products that fit your preferred viewing types.

Enhanced mobility in the City

  1. The most common disadvantage of living in the city is heavy traffic followed by lack of parking space. Although urban living is convenient for many people with its easy access to shops, schools and facilities, its high density impairs mobility. Thus, many city governments try to increase mobility by managing traffic, ultimately enhancing the overall productivity of the city.

    1. 1. Intelligent ANPR Solution

      • Our intelligent ANPR system detects traffic violations to automatically issue tickets, and identifies and tracks vehicles used in crimes by automatically reading the license plate to enable easy access control.
      • Our ANPR system-installed cameras eliminate the need for separate system installation, helping you to achieve cost-saving infrastructure as well as efficient traffic management.
    1. 2. Optimized Mobile & Wireless Solution

      • For city monitoring, we may have enough infrastructure by having interim-data-control center. Necessary infrastructure for city surveillance, such as interim data control center, is readily available urbanized areas. However, in suburbs, such infrastructure is rare, making it difficult to transfer data to the control center. In addition, increased city mobility requires enhanced level of security in onboard situations, such as in buses or trains.
      • Hanwha Techwin's answer to this is network/GPS module-embedded cameras and recorders. Our mobile and wireless solutions enable data to be transferred to anywhere it needs to be. Cameras and recorders optimized for onboard situations also allow real-time monitoring while the vehicle is in operation by offering internal images of the as well as its location information.

Effective Operation

From Wisenet cameras to Wisenet SSM, a total management software, Hanwha Techwin provides customized end-to-end security solutions to suit various needs of any installation sites. Wisenet SSM is designed to deliver easy use for everyone with its intuitive UI. Features that are tailored for city surveillance, such as federation and clustering, give control centers more expanded range of access. Our product guarantees reliable and stable monitoring and security system under various types of circumstances while reducing the total operational cost.