Industrial IoT Solutions

Bulletproof Your Networks Integrity

MTSS Provide custom cellular networking solutions to Corporate and Government clients looking for the ultimate failsafe network environments.

Our industrial cellular routers offer resilient remote access and eliminates the need for costly site visits. Whether you're using a 4G LTE, 3G or 2G connection, We can tailour a solution. 

With support for secure VPN communications, static and dynamic IP routing, NAT, port forwarding, OpenVPN (SSL VPN), and a stateful packet inspection firewall, Our industrial cellular mobile broadband routers provide secure, reliable communications. 

Supports Leading Cellar Providers And More!


Transportation Cellular Routers Provides Reliable Data To Critical Components Such As Mobile Based CCTV Systems Featured On Buses, Trains And Government Fleet

Remotes Sites

Provide Network Capabilities To Remote Sites Even In Harsh Conditions With Our Rugged Cellular Routers. With Dual SIM Capabilities and Built In Watchdog We Ensure Reliable Failsafe Communications


Ensure You Have A Back Plan For Your Business When Your Network Falls over. With Support For VPN On Cellular Network We Ensure You Stay Connected And Secure.

Secure IoT Solutions

Engineered IoT solutions to suit SME business requirements. Security is at the forefront of our IoT Solutions, at MTSS we offer fully managed IT security solutions with features such as:

  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • End Point Detection & Response (EDR)
  • Cloud Backup At ISO27001 & ISO9001 Approved Data Centres

Enhanced security for solutions such as cellular based secure remote desktop to access industrial equipment diagnostics or even critical servers.

Let MTSS know your requirements and we will design your secure IoT solution today!


3G/4G LTE/ 5G

Support Leading High Speed Mobile Networks And Optional 5G Ready Routers

Temperature Rated

Designed For Harsh Conditions With Thermal Rating To Withstand -40°C to +70°C


Support For Virtual Private Networks Such As OpenVPN and Other VPN Clients.


WiFi Available Models Ensures Your Cellular Network Can Be Shared With Devices Or Managed


Internal Self Assessment Of Critical Hardware To Ensure Your Router Is Always Online


Advanced Firewall Protocols To Ensure Your Mobile Network Is Protected From Outside Threats

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